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The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)


Don Juan
Mar 21, 2021
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Hey gents!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Like I said, I'll be doing these updates for at least 12 months, hopefully some of you bros will get something out of my journey.
(I've been updating every 30 days this year, so if you're interested in my journey, click into my profile and you can read how I started and how it went).

NC 300 (10 months)

Wow, to think, 2 more months before I sign off for good on this challenge. Crazy how time has flown by so quickly! So much has changed.

Since, my last update, a lot has happened.

I don't really think about the ex much anymore. Probably this has been the least I've ever thought of her, even in simple passing thought.


The main reason is because I've been really busy spinning plates. Since my last NC update, I've actually created an active rotation of plates, about 3 girls that I managed to lay early into dating. (I mentioned them in my last update, happy to say I've now f'cked all of them). Honestly it has been really fun, dating them and getting them into bed. I am quite new to spinning plates. I used to be very invested in girls and a deep romantic but now I am embracing a more hands-off and RP approach. This has kept me busy as it is a big shift for me. Aside from them, I've also been dating other new girls that I might lay/add into my rotation soon. All of this has kept me mentally occupied. There have been some epic moments, like f'cking a super young 19 year old in a plush hotel agaisnt a night skyscape, that has made me forget about the specialty of my ex entirely. Only on some bad dates, do I sometimes think about her.

But overall, I can see with more women that I meet, I've more less forgotten about her. Yet the more girls I've slept with, the more I've come to see how empty, chasing girls really are. Often times it feels repetitive. Its definitely a bonus and an exciting addition to life, but I think there are greater fulfillments found in developing yourself and chasing your own excellence. I am starting to see this. I am now reminding myself that this is a better path that I should be on.


I have not yet received any news from her for those who are wondering. She has not/never contacted since the break up. Although recently, I've been getting pings that a certain social media account of mine has been viewed by someone who lives in the region she is currently residing in. I suspect it is her. I've also received an unknown number call once with a silent caller before I hung up. Anyway these are just speculations, I am pretty sure, I will never hear from her.


Overall, I am in a much better place now. My life is much more fun now. I don't emo over my ex anymore. My mind is more busy thinking about the new girls I am seeing and how I can turn them into great FWBs and also new girls that I am planning to ask out. Its incredible to think about how I felt during the first month of NC. I literally thought I could not live without her, she was the color of my world. Yet, I was living as such a betatized male. I literally stayed home and avoiding dating to appease her. Life is so different now. I've slept with more girls in a single month than I ever did since I dated her. The possibilities are endless, yet I am also still on the search for greater fulfillment too. Nevertheless, for now, I am celebrating the win of getting over the rut of the break up.



Senior Don Juan
Feb 24, 2019
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Been 2 years since my last serious NC.

There is a girl which gave me hard time since August. I did all the things that the man should not do:
  • overreacted when she refused to come over to my place
  • double texted
  • kept chasing
  • tried to fix stuff and reatract the girl
Today was the last drop. I had "the talk" with the girl when i texted - "are you going with me on the trip or I will block you and will never talk with you again?". It might sound weird but i don't wanna go deep in the context behind this text (the flaked ton of times on my invitations, did not respond on my text and played all sort of games). So she said "I really like to be with you....please do not block me" and in general that every time I ask her out she has stuff to do. I said "what are you doing tonight" - she sent me photo with her and friends having dinner, than "what about tomorrow" - she is going with friends somewhere again. I called her out and said - if the person wants to be with another person she will find the time, otherwise it is all BS. She replied that she tells true and it is not BS, she is a busy girl.

I blocked her number after that message, blocked IG. No Contact day 0.