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Observations about college sex life from someone that went to a party school.


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Oct 7, 2013
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Great post. I'll add my observations to this. I went to a school similar to @Jesse Pinkman and UGA. My school was known for its attractive female student body and it had a solid party scene. I've called my school "Hot Girl U" on here before. Part of the reason I chose to attend this school was for the attractive women. I went between 2001-2005 so some parts of my experience might be dated.

I observed this as well while on campus. I don't know if I'd say most men on campus were academically focused at my school. You could find off campus parties at my school whether you were in Greek Life or not in Greek Life. Some apartment complexes near campus had a reputation for parties so you could just show up at those ones if you didn't know what else to do. Most of the men at most of the parties I attended were guzzling beer or hard alcohol. It was much easier as a college student, especially a freshman or sophomore, to get your hands on alcohol and get drunk as compared to getting pusssy.

Greek Life isn't a necessity for getting laid or getting a girlfriend. Participation in Greek Life might affect which women are willing to become your girlfriends.

I wasn't part of Greek Life. I did go to a Greek Life orientation during overall student orientation and decided against rushing. Student orientation at my school was during the summer prior to Fall semester, about 6-8 weeks before classes for me. I didn't perceive it as my thing. I do recall coming away with the feeling that getting a good would be difficult.

Which do you think is a better option: Skipping Greek Life entirely or settling for a frat that isn't one of the 3-4 that has status?

I perceive everything I read here as accurate based on people I knew during undergrad.

I'd say that it was easier to get laid with a sorority woman or get a sorority girlfriend if you were in a fraternity but it would be possible to get a sorority girlfriend from one of your classes or an extracurricular activity.

Good insight. This was not applicable to me as a non-athlete. I knew some athletes on a superficial level while in college. I made more friends with ex-NCAA athletes after college.

Remember that not all sports are created equal in terms of getting pusssy. Football players and basketball players would be the highest status and most likely to translate that status into pusssy. University of Georgia's (UGA) best sport is football so football players would have highest status. If basketball is typically the sport where the school excels in NCAA competition, basketball players would have highest status.

College baseball is not a big deal on most campuses. Some colleges might send a few guy on to professional baseball. College baseball is a little bit of a lift to getting pusssy but not at all a big deal from what I could tell.

The country club sports (tennis, golf, and swimming) don't have that much status on campus but it will certainly help as compared to being a non-athlete. One of my good friends for the past decade has been a country club sport athlete. He put up good notch numbers while on campus but better notch numbers in the first 5 years after graduation.

I believe that an above average fit undergrad guy who spent a lot of time in the campus gym could put up similar notch count numbers to a non-football or non-basketball athlete. You would need to be 10-15% body fat to likely see this as a non-NCAA athlete to achieve this level of fitness.

This is what I observed. Fraternity guys did end up having sorority girlfriends.

I observed that the men who were getting laid the most in college had girlfriends. It is likely those relationships ended at some point because that's what relationships do. They either ended while in college or not that long after graduation.

I'd agree. Non-sorority women were a little less concerned about reputation but concerned enough.
You guys obviously never been to fraternities or colleges like FSU um down south.


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May 31, 2020
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That's FSU.

That was an example of the media trying to promote that college is a poontang paradise. Jenn Sterger (the center woman) was supposed to represent the type of woman that men would be banging at party schools. She got way more than 15 minutes of fame from that. Within 3 years, she turned that into Maxim and Playboy appearances. Saying Maxim and Playboy now sounds so dated. She also got some sports journalism roles from it though she didn't have staying power. However, between all of this, she milked that one appearance into about 7-10 years of fame, up until about age 30.

Sterger is 38 now.
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