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self improvement

  1. J

    Can't afford hooker, never had relationship and I don't use dating apps .am i doomed?

    I don't want to end up like Eliot Rodger. How do I avoid such incel route? P. s. i don't want to store my personal info on dating apps. That's akin to voluntary registration on sex offenders list
  2. NoBiscuits

    Introducing myself / Starting a new self improvement routine for burned out millennials

    Hi all, I've done much AGILE-style self improvement, where life is managed as one large business project (multitasking, parallel habits, rigorous scheduling, etc.). But I burned out after a decade of it and also stagnated after the original goals were hit. I'm starting another round of self...
  3. CollegeMan22

    I am tired of blackpillers and anti-self improvement guys on here

    This forum is becoming more and more blackpill. People are using the terms normie, chadlite, and chad seriously. I sense a large amount of apathy and disillusionment in the people who use these terms. They feel that they are confined to a certain league, defined by their looks, and are condemned...
  4. Modern Man Advice

    On the topic of MANOSPHERE

    It is perplexing that we are all here with the intent (or at least I hope so) to improve in some capacity. Whether that is your game, growth, health, etc, etc. But more often than not, we end up calling each other out and getting into insult wars, I myself included. Not going to lie or deceive...
  5. aforabi

    3 QUICK ways to combat your low self esteem...

    3 quick ways to combat your low self esteem Having a low self esteem will not only affect your game in the world of seduction and dating, but more likely affect other areas of your life. It can be a negative cycle. If you are not happy about life, then women won't wanna hang out with you, and...
  6. ShadowFenix

    Why are people so reluctant to rethink the way they think?

    I tried sharing some of my philosophies about life with my close friends whom I've known for years (7+). I want to surround myself with like minded individuals, so of course I would try to get people to see the way I think, right? Especially when they're the friends I've known for years. I...
  7. S

    Is it me or my friends?

    Quick background: I’ve always preferred being alone for the most part. I’m an introvert at heart and quickly feel displeased with most people. Particularly if I can sense they’re fake zombies walking around just following trends, being close minded, not interested in anything beyond what’s...
  8. N

    Going from no Dancing Skills to Dance God?

    What would y’all say are the best resources to go from someone with no rhythm to a Dance God? This is one of my biggest insecurities so I know if I eliminate it my confidence will soar. I’m already doing cardio 5 days a week to help boost my endurance and be able to move around better. Also...
  9. N

    Process of Getting Girls in College?

    Hey guys, how’s it going. Just finished reading the DJ Bible and I loved it. I’m taking steps to improve my fitness, hair, style, and confidence now. But I was wondering how exactly do you take a girl you just met in college and then escalate things? Just talk to her, and hang out until she’s...
  10. darksprezzatura

    The Greatest Advice to Myself. [Signing off]

    This site -showed me the happiness brotherhood can impart on a man. - improved what I knew about game, frame, self-respect, self-improvement and boundaries. -taught me how social and sexual dynamics work in reality and how to go about them. I will always be grateful towards the legends who...
  11. resilient


    Hey DJs, if you struggle with competing priorities or feeling overwhelmed with too much crap to do... start with completing one task. Then continue to complete task 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. I know this concept sounds oversimplified, yet the other day I had one of those awesome days when I accomplished...
  12. BeTheChange

    [MUST READ] SMASHED MY PERSONAL BEST – 7 days, 5 dates, 4 lays. Here’s what I learned

    Quick caveat. I’m on gardening leave until January, when I start my new role. This week I spent my days in the gym, cooking, and reading the Rational Male and Irwin Shaw novels (cheers for the recommend on that one @fastlife. Great read) This has afforded me the luxury of time. What I liked...
  13. Maximus Rex

    The Author Who Was The Biggest Influence On The Manosphere