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  1. reality250

    How can I keep this lifestyle simple, how do people game in open relationships?

    In the next months, I will be going out, to improve my communication skills and also to live a bit outside my open relationship... we still love each other, and she accepts I am still gaming for just fun. The main problem is, that I almost have NO sexual desires and can't follow up with the...
  2. S

    Is getting married for betas?

    I think that by getting married the man is officially acknowledging his submission to the woman. What do you think about it?
  3. XThrax

    Basis of Strong LTRs

    I've been in my thought cabinet lately thinking about what makes a strong LTR. Recently some of my distant family members who I thought had good LTR / marriages really has it turned out was on shaky ground. And I thought to myself "What makes a good LTR?" The kind that lasts 50 years to a...
  4. ImTheDoubleGreatest!

    Priorities in Marriage & Why Marriages Fail

    So I got to contemplating something I read several days ago, and it really resonated with me. I didn’t piece it all together immediately in my mind because I was being intellectually lazy lol but I knew rather quickly that it was truth: Now I’m sure all you jackasses know that I’m probably the...
  5. XThrax

    Red pill for women on marriage

    I recently finished an audio book entitled Marriage a history, how love conquered marriage. A lot of people say how bad things are compared to the past but if you indulge in history you will find it has always been in flux. Even more unsettling our morality about what is right and wrong about...
  6. L

    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    Is rationally speaking, NOT a good decision for men. I'm nearing the end of The Rational Male and it finally sunk in that marriage truly only benefits women from a psychological, societal, and even legal standpoint. It's disturbing how men, including myself wanted to get married without...
  7. dbayraktar

    I am 22 and married but not happy. My wife is the 3rd and last girl in my life. Need help?

    Hi everyone. I am 22 years old and got married to a beautiful, hot girl. She is my wife. We got married 7 months ago. She is a good girl. But I am not happy. I love her but I don't feel like an strong, alpha man anymore. I was strong and a free man before my wife but now I feel like I got...
  8. 4evehayoung

    Marriage and dating issue - need advice.

    Greetings, I am a new member and have read the Rational Male several months ago. Everything I read in that book confirmed that what I felt what not right with our culture regarding men and women is actually true. I just turned 60 but look and feel 30. I put a high priority on a fit and...
  9. A

    Opinion: When is marriage appropriate?

    Hello SS members, I am a new member, I would like to hear some opinions of when you gentlemen feel as if marriage to a woman is appropriate. What do you guys think? My thought is that marriage is appropriate if it enhances and increases ones resources and resourcefulness to have a binding...
  10. arealhusband42

    My life after marrying a Philippine woman

    Loving, hospitable, family-oriented, responsible. These are some traits that my wife shows me all the time. My life has been blessed since I married a Philippine woman. She is really an ideal wife. For the year I’ve been with her, I feel nothing but happiness in our home. And I am hoping this...
  11. Y180SX

    I've Fu***d up. ONEitis, Monogamy as goal, the works...

    So I've started reading, or rather listening to, The Rational Male. Man, has it flipped my world upside-down. I consider myself a pretty logical guy, so I was and am able to open my mind to the ideas that are being set forth in the book and seeing how many things that I have been wrong about for...
  12. resilient

    Testosterone Levels: Married and Divorced

    The level of the male hormone testosterone decreases in men once they become married, according to a study recently published in Psychoneuroendocrinology. "The level of testosterone in men naturally declines with age, which is why both groups of men mentioned above showed a decline in...
  13. N

    Met a girl for arrange marriage. Need advice.

    Hi guys,I am from India. I am employed in government sector at top post. I broke up with my gf 1 year back & was not ready for marriage but then for my parents sake i agreed to meet the girl they selected for arrange marriage. So I went to meet her with families of both side,but luckily we got...
  14. V

    need advice: 30 year old HB9 wants marriage and children

    Fellow Mature DJ's, I need your advice here! I'm hardly the kind to ask for advice, but this is one of those occasions where I really need it. In November 2014 I met an HB9 at a mall in D.C (cold approaching). At the time she was 28 years old (she turned 30 last October). She is from Ethiopia...
  15. B

    Looking for different perspectives!

    Men, I have worked on eliminating my ego for the past few years in order to free my mind from myself. I would like to think that I have succeeded in part. I'm married and am the head of my household. I have set boundaries and have set my family on a course to be great in my eyes. I believe I'm...