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  1. CollegeMan22

    How to Escalate From the Date

    I'm a college student and am relatively new to the Manosphere/SoSuave. Over the past semester, I've gone out on dates with seven girls. I meet them in class, at study sessions, at clubs, and at parties/dances. Because I don't have a car and really don't want a girl to drive me somewhere (makes...
  2. SH03C

    Engaging Before A First Date

    Hi all. I’m interested in some feedback on how to keep a girl interested prior to a planned date. Here’s the scenario: I started going back to the gym again a few months back and took notice to this very cute personal trainer. At some point I started to feel maybe she had some interest, i’d...
  3. xuzaki

    Strange followup to a bad date

    I did a daygame direct approach and the girl was very receptive. She always responded to my texts right away and enthusiastically. Tonight she travelled across the city to come to a bar near my place. She texted she’d be 5 minutes late and I wrote back “minus 5 points”, to which she just did...
  4. xuzaki

    Paying on dates with girls you're already fvcking?

    In daygame, I've been inviting girls for a drink near my place. I buy us each one glass of wine, then pull back for sex. The next few dates, they just come over for sex. I'm starting to see one of these girls during the day, and I'm not sure how to handle paying for meals / tickets / etc. I...
  5. A

    Average date length?

    Lately I been going out this long dates. Quite frankly I don’t ever know when to end it. How long do you guys usually last? I usually just hang out then grab something to eat. Is the date supposed to be over? I usually just keep it going untill it gets late. I feel though that this is bad and...
  6. GoodOne123

    Ways to reduce anxiety/stress

    I have learnt that stress and anxiety are affecting my life, and have recently made it my mission to significantly reduce them. I tend to worry a lot during social interactions, whether I am coming across the way I want to. For example I worry if I'm coming across as unlikable or awkward at...
  7. GoodOne123

    How do I treat a girl like this?

    Basically I met a girl last week by dancing with her on a club dancefloor. No talking. We made out for 45 minutes straight. I fingered her for a while, grabbed her tiits etc. She grabbed my d. I got her number before her friend dragged her away. I played it cool and texted her saying I hope...
  8. GoodOne123

    This girl is confusing

    So I go out to club again. I see this good looking girl standing alone as she looks and smiles at me. I'm step over. I am blunt and frank, and say that shes my type and I'd like to kiss her. She says that her friends are leaving and must go. She points to her friends all walking out the...
  9. AJHook

    Going Dutch. Feedback is valued...

    Greetings all! I've been reading on this forum for a while now and recently decided to join. This is my first post and I'm going to dive right in: I personally never, if only rarely, pay for the woman in the early goings. In some places, paying for the woman is the cultural expectation. In...
  10. pyros

    sex with me or she goes with her girl friends

    So I've been on 8 dates with this 21 years old girl. We've had sex on the last date because of logistics. Well, she seems pretty into me. She texts me everyday, she seems super excited everytime we meet, and we always have a lot of fun together. Anyway...tonight (Thursday) she texted me and I...