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Recent content by Titus

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    Artists get tail?

    Re: Toulouse Lautrec was nicknamed the "Teapot" :crackup: :crackup: Balancing being faggy/musculine??? Dude, for once in your life, take a pencil or a brush in your hands and try what it means to create ART. You may find out that those faggies can beat your ass at it like shyt. Cause...
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    Jesus was an alien! ...or something

    Hey, i'm just selling other people's knowledge! I was not the budda priest from the 8th century that said the kaliuga age would come with the time when "iron birds would fly the skies and horses would ride on wheels"
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    Jesus was an alien! ...or something

    We are living in what buddists call the age of kali-uga. The age where everything is falling apart and going downwards. I guess you could call it the winter time for our civilization. It's going to get a lots worse, yes, but someday spring will be here again too. In a few thousand years i...
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    Jesus was an alien! ...or something

    I always found it funny how people lookad in awe at those signs. Imagine this: if some of them are ET made, maybe they are just some sort of big letters. Maybe it's something like the big H on every helipod platform for them or "free beer, land here" in their language. :D
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    Jesus was an alien! ...or something

    Wow! I'm currently reading a book on the subject of alien "gods." And WOW, WHAT THE??? Can this be? Thousands of years of found aluminium? Cave pictures of hand computers? Cave picutres of people in space suits?? Cave picutres of people wearing 20th century like hats, pants and...
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    Jesus was an alien! ...or something

    For once i won't say even a thing. Just look and stare with you jaw dropped. http://xfacts.com/old/
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    DJing in a Small Town. Any help?

    You have 26,000 people around you? Man, i have 500! :D Just relax! Just join jour alcoholic friends. You ain't nothing holier or better then them and you can choose not to drink if you don't want to.
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    Why I Am Not A Nice Guy!!

    Jesus, this guy has got serious issues!
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    Friends with an ALPHA

    Hehe, aren't you a real control freak? :D No offence Dreamer, but you are wasting your breathe. Your ego is always attracted to stronger -and there is not a damn thing in this world that you can do against that fact with purely your mind. Such is the thing. Ego is ALWAYS superior to the...
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    Friends with an ALPHA

    Yes, it's hell when you have a buddy that is an aurical monster while you're just a mere whelp compared to him, isn't it? Been there, done that. Well, male life is a bytch sometimes. And what you wrote is a kindofa taboo bwtween us guys. We all have a concrete strong hiararhical ladder...
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    Lets figure out 'The Ultimate Charmer'

    The ultimate charmer? That's easy. What creates the feeling of either liking or disliking a person? *or feeling anything at all when being in his presence?* The frequency of your aura. All the auras give off a certain frequency and if an individual has one that is largely accpeted and liked...
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    Anyone here just HATE the holiday season?

    Yeah, horrible Karma. Maybe you were Santa Clause in your past life and since you had so much work to do in this time of the year, you still don't like it. :D
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    I just went through a s*** test...

    Hahaha! :D Well, them girlies have got a few thousand years of head start, so don't worry about them not knowing "the game."
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    How to "next" a girl in a rude way

    That's not the worst kind of revenge you can get. Think about how would she feel if you were to fukk all of her girl friends leaving out only her :D
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    My gift to this forum from princelydeeds

    Re: Wow You think so? Aren't you the romantic type. :rolleyes: Unfortuonatly, the truth is a bit sad. Everyone that has ever been in the short guy's boots knows what happens next -and it everything but like in the movies- The little guy apologizes, the big guy feels sorry, yes, true...