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Recent content by Quiksilver

  1. Q

    How are we doing?

    Any of the older join dates still lurking?
  2. Q

    Are non stick cookwares cause serious health issues?

    10 years ago I would have said caste iron. Now I'd say stoneware, since I have more control of calories (no obligated calories required to lubricate the surface).
  3. Q

    Coffee, good or bad?

    You're overthinking things. If coffee appears to be helping you in more ways than its harming you, there is your answer. My own opinion is that it's fine in moderation, but I try to minimize the additives like milk/sugar.
  4. Q

    AAAgent's training journal

    good to see you still going strong keep it up
  5. Q

    High Cholesterol Foods OK?

    Darn, now I have to share :( Was quite happy when I was the only egg-eater and everyone else around was mortally afraid of eggs.
  6. Q

    What happened to Francisco d'anconia?

    This some sort of reunion thread.
  7. Q

    Mods banning so many members?

    I can't recall being apart of a decision to ban a member, except for the worst trolls and of course spammers. Though I am probably among the more laissez-faire of the bunch.
  8. Q

    What do you guys eat?

    Lately I've been going to a wholesale butcher and getting unprepared slabs of meat ... Cutting it up and refrigerating/freezing it. Also doing the same with chicken breast, getting bulk packages of it on clearance price. I'd say the dietary mainstays are: Lean red meat - Yes Chicken...
  9. Q

    Sandy Hook may not have happened

    That is interesting if true (re the two fathers scheduled to testify), but the statements of the first responders at Sandy Hook tell a different--more conventional--tale.
  10. Q

    Social networks amplifying "mainstream"

    I ejected from 'mainstream' in 2008 buddy :) Never been weirder! Me and a couple friends were up on the rim of a volcano for new years, while all the mainstream trendies were standing in tightly packed areas watching fireworks and guzzling alcohol.
  11. Q

    Obamas Grade for Men issues

    The whole structure of our society is largely a male construct. From my experience, women tend not to care about things like individual freedoms. Instead they tend to like using the power of The State to get what they want. They tend to be moral relativists, while philosophically educated...
  12. Q


    Fair enough :) When I was little, I'd set out honey for ants. They'd come by the thousand, and I'd arrange the area so they could only make their line from one direction. I lined the area with gasoline/oil. When there were thousands inside the ring, I torched it. I suppose I'm anti-social...
  13. Q

    End of the world

    Your actions aren't congruent with your goals... Not in my opinion at least. To really know what you're after in a woman, you have to cycle through quite a few of them. Its like trying on clothing. If you're not sure what your size is, and you point to a shirt on the rack and say...
  14. Q


    Can we have an example of something 'Anti-Social' as compared to say ... Criminal? I'm also a little confused on the definition of Society in this context.