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    To take her back or NO?

    Hey fellas, I've been put in a dilemma of actually pursuing a chick taht I've liked and of course she liked back, but for some reason (which i'm not going to try to ***** about) She put me in an extremely awkward situation and gave out bad vibes the whole night. After that I gave her the silent...
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    On persistence

    hey thanks a lot comote. Looks like you've been here for a while too lol. I used to visit this board every single day... back when I was still getting my dj together lol> anyway hopefully i'll be able to talk you soon.
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    On persistence

    Hey I've been on this site for quite some time now and have been through the bad and the good and now i can truely say I've benefitted and had my share of women; however, I do have one questions for the truely gifted donjuans here. I have tremendous success when first meeting women, but keeping...
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    I feel like utter crap

    hey man, welcome to the board and i'm glad you're trying to move on. But to point out somethings, I want to remind you that in order to meet other girls you must get rid of your 'oneitis' completely. Then after you've accomplished that, you'll start off fresh with positive thoughts in your mind...
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    going AFC help!

    This is mainly due to your focus. If you focus yourself on fixing up your life and by that I mean live by your principles, if you live by your principles then there isn't anything that will worry you becuase you'll always have control and not be so self conscious about whether you're being...
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    David D ebook, is it worth it?

    From my experience, yes. David D's book give you a lot of insight into the general concepts of dating women. However, if you want specific details its not the best resource. Either way, worth the money.
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    Let's get superficial (shallow), what can't you stand about a woman?

    A happy trail.... yes women with happy trails are sick
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    The girl agreed to homecoming... but

    DUDE GET OVER IT. You get her a white corsage and hopefully she'll have a dress, becuase to hang out with a don juan at homecoming without one, is like having a gun to your head and shooting your own face.
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    You're right, i should stop worrying about what others will think about the girl I'm with and start thinking with my head... not my ****.... sounds a little tough though :cheer:
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    Hey guys do you feel that because you guys are donjuans and you have a bigger knowledge of women, that you go for the gorgeous chicks who take a little more time to date than say the moderate chicks, and so you feel a little left out or a little bit lonely when all your buddies have g/f. For...
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    I used to have game but now I have no skills, help me out.

    Like everything else in life, if you don't repeat what you're doing, you're going to lose sight of it. So my suggestion to you: Go back review the DonJuan materials even though you think you 'got it' and also seek out new info such as David D's advanced dating system and etc. very useful/powerful
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    When your not feeling it!

    When I'm not feeling that extreme confidence I felt, and it is natural, humans tend to lose some of the touch in the virtues they learned if they aren't in constant exercise with it. What I do is, I get away from everything, family, friends, car, etc. w/e get away so you're alone, now have some...
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    Prom issues--> Go or not?

    you have some obsticals in your way, but don't let that deter you from a chance to meet a girl that might be actually interested in you at prom. It is not in the Constitution that you HAVE to go with a date, (most of the time you ditch the date anyway). I'd say dont worry about getting a date...
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    The oddities of cold approaches?

    no, don't start cold pick ups with do i know you from somewhere... the sappy chick flick movie industry took that one from you a while back so everyone knows its b/s to cover your inner motives. On the other hand when you're too frank about your motives such as your beautiful and I like to get...