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    How to game a girl that just walks by you

    So I was heading into B&N and this smoking babe, I'm talking nice D tits, thin bod, great figure...damn I would've nailed that, but of course I didn't say anything to her. I kinda need a default pickup line, anybody got one? Like a line that isn't too cheesy that you can use when you are...
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    DJ Ten Commandments

    why don't we just leave this thread as the only one and lock all the other ones cause thats what this forum has become
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    Jayer's 100 Approach Journal (Will Finish 100 approaches no matter what)

    We should raise money as a reward for Jayer if he actually goes through with this...if only we could verify it.
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    Anybody knows of any relaxing spots to go to ?

    In the wee hours of the morning you could go just about anywhere. In the afternoon, maybe a bookstore if you dont mind just a little chatter or a library.
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    This sh!t literally makes me sick...

    Take a break from the forums, guys...I took six months off. It gives you a new perspective and now that I'm back it's not so self-destructive like it used to.
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    madgame's BC attempt nr.2

    Yeah I kinda think BC is a waste of time. I tried it once and got bored...weeks 1 and 2 don't help you at all, I mean its not hard to say Hi or smile to someone. I can do that no prob, but can't do a cold approach to save my life so someday I'm gonna focus on cold approaches.
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    Pickups at the gym??

    I know this is an old thread, but I have a little story. There's this group of about 4 guys at the gym, probably early 30s, musclehead guys. Well, two of them at least are always trying to hit on younger girls (18-22)...now I don't recommend this cause you'll look pretty sleazy if you're an...
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    Where to go for daytime pickups?

    Sheesh, its like the bookstores have dried up with school out...all I run into is moms and their annoying kids...where'd all the HBs go?
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    Where do the chicks looking for ONS go?

    Bars come in all varieties - that was the point of my post. Too bad I'm not in Naper
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    Where do the chicks looking for ONS go?

    I'm trying to meet some women who are looking for action...divorced MILFs would probably be a good target. I'm not sure where to look, though. My only ONS before was at a club, but I'd like to know about some places to go during the week. I don't really want sex, just some action though...
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    Jayer's 100 Approach Journal (Will Finish 100 approaches no matter what)

    Jayer's head is gonna explode if you guys keep giving him suggestions.
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    I posted this cause I was watching Desperate Housewives and the dude with a crappy job is banging TP's hot girlfriend so it got me thinking.
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    What do you do in your 20s? get a real job or just be a bum or what?
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    Jayer's 100 Approach Journal (Will Finish 100 approaches no matter what)

    Here's a post GGTW suggested to me last night...probably help you out too: Rejection Collection http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16725 I can relate to your shyness, but think of it this way....did you expecct to get all 100 girls to go out with you?? ****...
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    How to be more sociable

    I can relate. I think you need to get a change of scenery. Move somewhere or get a job that puts you with people.