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    TIPS for Meeting Women Online

    I would just talk to a girl like I met her on the street or where ever. Either online or face to face. All you got to do it get to know her. But, there is a downfall to trying to pick up women on the internet. She cannot see your body language, confidence, smile, eye contact, and ect. Things...
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    Approaching there an easy way?

    There is one simple key to know before approaching a girl. You must make eye contact and smile at her. If she see's that and smiles back then, looks away quickly. Then, you go in for the kill. If she does not react in a interested way. Move on cause she aint interested. Only approach women...
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    Wow, women ARE really sneaky!

    Well, unfortunitly cause of todays society. Women are ho's! Very few with some actuall standards. I've been cheated on and like you.. fvcked girls who already had boyfriends. Play the game or get played. But, remember one thing. Dont not develop love feelings with this girl. Just have fun and...
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    Call or be called?

    You ask for the number. You make the phone call. After you call her she will eventually know your phone number. Thus, giving her the chance to call you sometime. So, in order for that to happen... You have to be seeing her only once or twice a week. The time you arent seeing her you are busy...
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    She Has No Phone: Only MYSPACE - How to Confirm Plans for Tomorrow?

    Sounds like you may have to put more effort than needed to try and date this girl. How can she not have a phone? Anyways, just tell her you are doing something on a certin day. Something that you like to do perferably. Remember, "Action-Dates". Then, say "So, if you wanna have some fun you...
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    Anybody here slim and consistently pull girls?

    I'm 6'1 and probably around 170lbs. I consider my skinnyness athletic cause, of the type of work I do for a living. Which involves alot of cardio. Though, I havent had problems with my weight or height when it came to women. It was all about me and my game.
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    Can you be a nice guy and still get it?

    There are alot of great posts in the Bible that may answer some of your problems. Pook - Be A Man! Senor Fingers - Weapons of Mass Destruction Pook - Kill That Desperation Gunwitch - The Key Is Masculinity Read some of those posts. They are very inspirational...
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    Why do rappers marry unattractive women?

    Its not always about looks. Its about who you can really connect with. I know that may sound like Nice Guy talk but, its true. I dont start a relationship with some girl who I dont vibe with.
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    chillin with a girl in a couple days/ any advice?

    Basicly, just have fun with her. Dont think about what you should or should not do. Dont be thinking about how your gonna get in her pants. Just live in the moment and introduce her to your world.
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    Laziness = Masturbation.
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    what's the problem with taking your girl to a club?

    My answer is in the Thread I suggested. After reading the truth about women... You can see how women really are. The last thing you would want to do is put them in an enviorment where the are other "players" trying to get with your girl. Maybe...
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    what's the problem with taking your girl to a club?

    I would suggest reading a post called The Truth About Women. But, maybe I would take a girl who I've known for awhile. Not, one that I just met.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    If you have a Playstation 3 you should rent SOCOM. If not, try Ghost Recon on the 360. Those games seem more tacticle in my opinion.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    MW2 yeah, the campaign is short. But, online is fun. Though, its pretty user friendly. I mean anyone can pick up this game and be good at it. Though, with all these other new games out I'm also enjoying them too. I did have a 360 but, I sold it for a Playstation 3. PSN ID: BillTheMac
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    Christmas Gifts for your gal....

    A SNUGGIE!!!! LOL I dont know about some of these other guys. But, I do not see any problem buying a gf a gift on certin occasions. Such as her birthday or as the Holiday coming up.. Christmas. It doesnt have to be exspensive cause its that thought that counts. If she doesnt realize that...