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    Yooo, you're putting too much pressure on yourself. You're still thinking "Oh she's hot, I can't approach." It's only a dance for goodness' sakes! Go up to the chica, try to get her to dance w/ you, and if doesn't work then don't sweat it. And what the guy said about the number thing is...
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    when you get called an assh*le 5 times a day...

    lolz Yep, I used almost the EXACT same line a few weeks ago! It went like: Chica: J-Rey, you're such an *******! Me: Oh really? So then why are you so attracted to me? Chica: I dunno, maybe I like *******s... =)
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    when you get called an assh*le 5 times a day...

    Agreed. I tease my chica all the time and sometimes I get the lighthearted "You know, you're such an *******." As long as she's not serious then you're in the green.
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    Asking the QUESTION

    First off, congrats on the college chica. Yeah I heard if they're having a herpes breakout they get the cold sores around their lips and shiz (that's if they have the herpes around the mouth). From what I understand, herpes is not a killer and can be controlled, but it is incurable. Plus...
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    Getting a friend w/ benefits?

    Hmm, so yeah I'm friends w/ this chica and I think it would be good to make her into a friend w/ benefits. Now, how should I go about doing this? She's a pretty naive chick, inexperienced and all, so should I just start pouring extra kino on and see what happens? Or perhaps I should say that...
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    To Date or not to Date...Tis the ?

    "The best way to get over a chick is to get under another one." - I think it was Deep Blue that said this? Just make sure you don't compromise your standards, if you would never, eeeever want to do a 5-6, then don't do it.
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    Pick a card

    Why waste a perfectly good set of cards when you could just ask her to write her number on a piece of paper?
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    A Piece of Pie

    Hey man, I feel your pain about those cold approaches since I go to an all male school myself. My advice to you: 1. Start doing cold approaches. A lot of em. You're bound to develop conversational skills and get some numbers (you only have to ask and most of them are willing as long as you...
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    Tell the truth to pull more women!

    I'm surprised I didn't catch this solid post the first time around. Good tip once again Luscious.
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    Lost all desire to lead a life

    I believe that was Winston Churchill, if I'm not mistaken. As for the depressed dude, go do something that makes you feel good about yourself. I know whenever I'm down, it helps to do something physical to get my blood flowing and after a lil breakdancing workout I have a feeling of...
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    Post your picture ONLY

    Here are some of me: http://www.geocities.com/aznbreakerjrey/
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    Learning the hard way SUCKS, yet again I find out..

    You remind me a lot of myself bro. I remember when I had noooo self-confidence in my macking skills and I didn't believe I could ever attract a hot chica... well that's change. You have to work on changing your negative thoughts into positive ones... I can even see it in your posts: "All I...
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    Sucks to club alone....

    Yo fuzzyx, just curious, what's your favorite funk dance style?
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    What's your story?

    What i was before i came here I was a milktoast geek with no social life. No game, no convo skills, bad acne, low self-confidence. My journey I've been improving in spurts. Perhaps I'll approach and make leaps in my game for a month, then for the next 4 I'll be stagnant. So far there...
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    ways to look "older"

    You don't wear your chain out??? Then what's the point of buying it? lolz