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  1. J

    What was wrong with my approach?

    What was wrong with my approach? Profile of target Filipina in her 30s Long hair length ti her hip so short, when she stands on the stairs that is 3 step high, she is on the same height as me. Outside of fast food chain chick ate alone at table.i waited several minutes before going up to...
  2. J

    20years old no girlfriend what to do?

    Hey guys im kinda getting frustrated now i hope you can help me a bit. Me : Im 20 i wear expensive designer clothes i have money bcs of my job as a tennis coach im 185 cm 74kg and i take care of myself alot. This was so you have a roughly picture of me. I sometimes go to clubs or bars just like...
  3. E

    Field Report: Brazilian women refuse to talk instantly

    Some time a go when I was in the bar I approached Brazilian woman (I suspect she was a student or was on a trip). I started talking to her in my language. She did not understand and asked to speak english. I started to speak english, a bit to fast so she asked me, after a while, to speak slower...
  4. R

    She was taken and rejected. She's single & shows no interest

    Ignore the title -- I meant "she was taken and rejected me. Now she's single and uninterested.. I think" I am an incoming college sophomore. This occurred freshman year. Before I found out she was in a relationship, she had already blew off our lunch date. When I found out she was taken a...