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  1. AureliusMaximus

    I have a "boyfriend"... [video]

    Girls always throw this line as a default line true or not... :devil:
  2. CollegeMan22

    Girl Has Boyfriend — Do I Still Ask Her Out?

    I met this HB7 in my math class last week and gamed her this week. I joked with her a lot about fitness and nutrition, which she is really into, and I made sure to get really close to her when she had problems with math problems. No kino, but I tried to increase our proximity and show confidence...
  3. G

    How can I tell if a girl that is outgoing likes me?

    So, i've been hanging out with this girl from a town 15 miles from my home. I met her first day of training on a new job, she was also a trainee. I was working up to ask her if she wanted to go to the festival and she said "if you're asking me to go then its a yes". The whole time we've been...
  4. T

    Visit abroad: boyfriend?

    Hey guys, I live in Europe and this American girl I met during my travels is moving in august to live in the Middle East for a year. We've had contact for half a year now on skype and facebook. The plan was that she will come over in fall somewhere. Now I see on her instagram that she's dating...
  5. Mr. Focus

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    (I'm new here) Hello everybody!!!! I am going to spend a lot of time on this forum. So, as the title says, I left my girlfriend this past weekend, the longest relationship I've ever had, so I can focus 100% on my business, and fully experience my 20's (I'm 20). I met this girl when I was 17...
  6. P

    "I'm sorry I have boyfriend, I'm just a really nice person"

    I went to get some maintenance for my car. While I was waiting there, I noticed this beautiful blond girl. I got close to her, she started to play with her hair, and she seemed a little bit nervous. I moved around and talked to some people, I realized she was glancing at me, so I went back to...
  7. pyros

    girl told me while drunk that she would not confess cheating

    I've been dating this girl and a few weeks ago, after a couple of drinks she said that she would not cheat on her boyfriend...(good), but that if it happened she would not tell him (bad). Is this enough to just think about her as a fwb and nothing more?
  8. pyros

    dating a girl you dont really find hot

    So I've been seing this girl for almost three months now. The thing is that eventhough she's ok looking, maybe a 6 - 6.5, I dont find her really attractive, she's just ok. Initially I started to hang out with her because she was perfect for a few bangs, but now that I've gotten to know her I...
  9. R

    She was taken and rejected. She's single & shows no interest

    Ignore the title -- I meant "she was taken and rejected me. Now she's single and uninterested.. I think" I am an incoming college sophomore. This occurred freshman year. Before I found out she was in a relationship, she had already blew off our lunch date. When I found out she was taken a...
  10. Maximus Rex

    THOT is a Nymphomanic and Tires Out Her Boyfriend

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/7084094/Woman-addicted-to-having-sex-10-TIMES-A-DAY-with-her-exhausted-boyfriend-lost-her-job-and-friends.html How long before ole boy is making threads about her on SoSuave?