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  1. Eric Hawkins

    She said, "I miss you."

    I am in an interesting situation. My ex girlfriend (we cohabitated) moved out about two months ago. I do not doubt that she loves me. I love her. So, what is the problem? The I'm "I'm not in love with her" situation. While we were together, she helped me a lot. But, when my 13 year old daughter...
  2. darksprezzatura

    [IMPORTANT] Opinions and Improvement on game.

    Neo: A) APPROACH: The moment you see a girl you find attractive AND want to have sex with, walk upto her calmly, face her, look her in the eyes, standing firmly two feet away and hit an opener in a slow monotone voice. 1. Hey, looks like you are having a lot of fun. 2. Excuse me, is that a...