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I Wish I Started Earlier


Senior Don Juan
May 11, 2016
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The City
Recently I went out. This was a club that caters more to college students.

I recently turned 24 so I was a bit older than lots of the girls there. But I do look younger, like 20-21.

I had a good time.

One girl started undressing me in the middle of the club, and feeling me up.

A second one I met I got a number from. We kissed.

I texted her the day after. She was a bit short with the answers. But she laughed when I said I was 24, and to my surprise said she was 18. She looked older.

I feel like she meant I was too old for her. Which i don't care that much.

But I care that while I was younger in college, when chances for getting laid were higher, I was a shy guy. I did not take advantage of learning game, and going out with the intention to get laid and improve my game.

I missed out on so many chances I feel, and even though I'm still quite young, I might get rejected for my age by younger girls. The problem is most girls going to clubs are the younger ones.

It sucks that I have this regret in my mind as I am going through developing myself.


Don Juan
Sep 7, 2016
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You're making me feel old at 23! It's a shame to look back and think I've been on this site for a couple years and not making the most of it, but that's not the right mindset to have. What if you didn't find this website and ended up being that creepy late 20's guy at the clubs. Continuous learning is better than stagnant growth, keep it up


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Master Don Juan
Oct 27, 2017
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You're ridiculous dude. You're in your prime right now. And if you look younger than you actually are, you'll be in your prime for a long time. So stop whining. Some men start balding in their mid twenties.

Mr Wright

Master Don Juan
Jan 19, 2010
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London, UK
I started this stuff pretty young and half of me wishes I didn't find it until I was maybe 21ish. You need sometime to just be young and not get too analytical about things. But not too old that your thoughts and mindsets are heavily ingrained. I think I made some pretty poor choices based on this sort of community and now being 25 I've sorted myself out and I'm a pretty chill guy. You're still young and the best is yet to come for sure, just make sure you make the right moves now so when you hit your early 30s everything is in place.