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Dating in your 40's...the women are bat s crazy

bat soup

Master Don Juan
Apr 10, 2020
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My now ex, 42 (Asian, looked 31, bat s crazy it turned out). Hard core Borderline and Narcissist, had the majority of the signs based on my past experiences.

Her replacement...35 year old "virgin" (vaginal). Bat s crazy, no wonder this hot Ukranian chic had never been proposed to and all her relationships were a couple months except for...a serial killer...no joke. Never even texted me on my birthday...put work deadline before meeting up for my birthday the night before. Not even a text or call on my b day so I ghosted her.

So I'm dating again, one chic won't give me her number until the second date. I'm thinking, OK our second date will be a walk in the park, literally. No way I'm spending more than I did for coffee with such a woman. And she thinks it's fun to tease me with her number (we met on match). OK, then you can pay for your own meal if we go out...."it's more fun that way" loser...

Another girl, 38, Yale MBA, gorgeous, string of relationships with narcisists and borderlines. Literally within 2 days she's talking marriage (my 42 year old ex above took 2 months) and moving to be closer to me...we had never even met. She cops and attitude every few minutes. Volatile. No wonder she's never married, no kids.

44 year old hot girl, on her profile she says she won't be exclusive with a man before marriage...no wonder you've never been proposed to.

38 year old Latina, made plans with me, then reschedules the day of when I message to confirm, she tries to push our date to another date, I'm like, silence and distance...

I'm honestly at the point where I've slept with enough women that I don't really care. I got my "validation" and a high body count. I want a relationship with an attractive and stable woman who understands how to treat a man.

All of my last 6 girlfriends or so took turns paying for dates after we were in a relationship (3 dates or so). I'm really getting tired of the left over women in their 30's+. Heck even my 29 and 25 year old gf's had some issues. More stable than most but obvious emotional issues. Finding a woman who gets it is nigh impossible.

Went on a date with this cute Chinese chic the other night, our second date. We came home to my place, fooled around, no sex though. Invite her over for dinner again and she says I'm sweet, she has no plans, etc. I tell her I'll have dinner ready at 7. Haven't heard from her since last night when I texted her that.

I swear women are bat s crazy....
There's a reason why they're still on the shelf. Leftovers.


Don Juan
May 14, 2007
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In most major metropolitan cities there are lots of attractive single childless women in their early 30s. You can find ones from good universities who grew up in the country so you don't have the cultural misunderstandings to worry about and have good jobs without being alpha female career types.

Of course they are incredibly picky but if you are handsome and rich it shouldnt be an issue.


Master Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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they are incredibly picky but if you are handsome and rich it shouldnt be an issue.
Most men aren't handsome enough and aren't rich enough to not have issues. The threshold is high. Also, almost all of those women are White. Most Hispanic women at age 30+ are either single moms or married/in a LTR moms.