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  1. DoofusDonutDude

    Are the og DJ classics partly outdated when they say to use texting only for setting up dates?

    As someone who's never been a fan of online dating and prefers the idea of cold approach, I've heard about guys pulling chicks they didn't know from insta by sliding in her dms or other social media sites. Its a given nowadays on the dating apps to have texting rizz after the looks filter...
  2. A

    How to re engage a text conversation?

    Was talking to this girl over instagram dm. She slid in my dm but the conversation died down because i was busy with other girls. How do you guys re engage?
  3. B

    Why should I give her my number instead of vice versa?

    This is sth. I read often here I don't really understand. When I meet girls for the first time, we get along well and I'd like to invite her why shouldn't I ask for her number and set up a date then? Taking initiative should be our modus operandi, shouldn't it? It makes sense giving her my...
  4. M

    Text game tips

    Ok guys I wanted to share with you some points about text games with girls you don't know, hoping that I can help you in my small way. Based on my experiences, as already mentioned by many if a girl is interested she won't make your life difficult, she will be more receptive and will invest a...
  5. B

    Learning Text Game

    I get numbers easily from girls that I already have rapport with. But inviting them out is rather difficult. (via text I mean) What are some good ressources to learn the basics of text game? Or can you guys give me some guidelines of dos and don'ts.
  6. B

    How long should one wait to text?

    So this saturday a few friends and I organized a party. (I was doing drinks, so that gave me status) A chick was interested in me, we danced, kissed and went into the bathroom to make out. I brought her to my place, we slept together but didn't ****. (I know I should have gone for it, but it was...
  7. D

    Phone Numbers Flake

    First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for your responses on my last thread about being friendzoned. I started approaching women although it's not always easy. Some days I didn't feel like it, It can take a toll on you mentally if you're new to this. I plan to start approaching at least 5...
  8. C

    Was this a **** test and is it recoverable?

    I knew I ****ed up the second I sent it.
  9. Z

    Need some help with a girl I dated before

    So I been dating a girl 2 months ago And became more needy at texts.. She tried to friend zone and I not contacted her and told her I'm not going to be her friend.. She also contact couple times before but I tried to set up a date but she didnt want to... After a month she contacted me and...
  10. D

    Keep the interest during vacation?

    Hi, I (19y) recently got to know a Woman who made an internship at the place where i work. I got her number and texted her the day after. Since im on vacation now for 3 weeks (2 weeks left now) i couldnt Date her After we met. I try to be playfully flirt with her to not make her think i want to...
  11. A

    What’s the best response to this?

    Girls asked me if i think she is ugly because I didn’t validate the pic she sent. Me: I never said that. You got more pictures of you? Her: You making it seem like is ugly *sends pic in a bikini* Me: no response yet. I think is a trap.... Old me would have probably told her something very...
  12. C

    Should I text her? Need help with text decipher....please

    New to this game, just separated from wife of 18 years. Listened to RM once, then went out and plied some game stuff, nothing crazy like I said I just unplugged like 2 days before. . Was sick tho like the fog lifted!! what I saw unfolding in front of my eyes at a couple bars . So I end up...
  13. P

    Texting Guides: B4UTXTHER & HOW2TXTHER

    I came across these books on many forums to improve your text game, but I am not able to find them anywhere :( Does anyone know where i can download or if anyone has a copy, could you please send it to me?
  14. A

    Tinder and OLD gods... any advice?

    Hey so my question is I’m at the point where I can match with multiple girls on tinder, however we know most of them are going to flake that’s expected. But what about the ones that I actually talk to and have a conversation with? Recently I have been trying to cut conversations short and give...
  15. F

    Am I Being Impatient?

    Hey guys, I had a plate I was seeing earlier this year reach out to me out of the blue last week. She had temporarily moved to florida for a few months: Girl: Hey, it’s xx. I’m so excited, I’m heading back to LA today! Me: Hey, that’s great! Let’s hang out once you are settled in. Her...
  16. F

    Banged an old plate, should I reach out?

    Hey guys, I have a quick question about a girl I recently reconnected with. I was seeing C for a couple months this summer when she told me she had to stop seeing me because things were getting serious between her and another guy. Fine with me, I went no contact and haven’t thought about her...
  17. F

    Did I Play This Right?

    The Sparknote Version: This girl I've been seeing (haven't banged yet) assumed I was DTF (I am), and I played hard to get. She's been acting cold since, I suspect she's insecure and thinks I don't want her. I haven't communicated with her in about five days. Did I play this correctly, and what...
  18. J

    Best time of day to text ?

    Have been trying to sharpen up my sword a bit; landed this dimes number few days back want to set up drinks For me its either 10-11am Or after 7pm Thoughts on this?
  19. J

    Got her number - now what

    Ive recently been on a new trend of only talking to complete dimes -- pushed my old roster of girls to the side. So was out with a buddy at upscale bar and a waitress who wasnt supposed to attend us or take our order strikes up conversation with me Gave her some feedback then ordered a drink...
  20. J

    Landed her number - what next?

    Ive recently been on a new trend of only talking to complete dimes -- pushed my old roster of girls to the side. So was out with a buddy at upscale bar and a waitress who wasnt supposed to attend us or take our order strikes up conversation with me Gave her some feedback then ordered a drink...