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Got her number - now what


New Member
May 9, 2017
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Ive recently been on a new trend of only talking to complete dimes -- pushed my old roster of girls to the side.

So was out with a buddy at upscale bar and a waitress who wasnt supposed to attend us or take our order strikes up conversation with me

Gave her some feedback then ordered a drink -- fair enough maybe thats what she wants lol, then give my attention back to my friend

After her coming back once or twice we talk some more and i really strike her interest had a cool convo played it smooth

Told her to bring me the bill she said dont worry about it (we had 6 drinks total lol and offers one more) I said sure, i then told her id like to leave with her # so told her be creative and find a way to get it to me -- she left me a note with her # touched my shoulder and whispered nice meeting you

Again the drinks were free lol so ill assume its not a tip tactic

Regardless that was the previous Friday

Wanted to reach out to her -- any tips or suggestions?


Don Juan
Sep 28, 2014
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Cool story!

I'd keep it simple, honestly. Plan a fun date and/or meet up for drinks.

Depending how receptive she is, you might be able to coax her to your place so that you can make dinner for the two of you. You know how that will end ;)


Senior Don Juan
Mar 16, 2017
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She paid your drinks? Damn we need more of those 2017s women!!
I'd plan a nice date and wouldn't mind spending a bit on it!