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  1. RazorRambo24

    The #1 Thing Between You and Success is Discipline

    On SoSuave, we're all at different stages of life, thus being able to bring alot of different perspectives to the table. As someone who's at the top of my game at 31 yrs old, I can look back and safely say the one thing that I needed to hone to be where I'm at today is: DISCIPLINE. Discipline...
  2. C

    Bring back Don Juan Success Stories

    On the old forum back in the day there was a section called Don Juan Success Stories / Field Reports. I would love to see that section active again. I think it will help motivate people to get out in the real world talking about their lays or getting numbers..etc... Thoughts?
  3. Aurora Demon

    Aurora Demon's - Wealth & Success Journal.

    Aurora Demon's - Wealth & Success Journal. Just starting this for now. Came into a decent amount of money a few years ago accidentally, about $100,000. Long story. Trying to make enough passive income to live off of. I have a decent amount of money saved and have a lot of money I can...
  4. CollegeMan22

    Field Report: My First Time Partying

    Hey guys, good news. I'm a college freshman and worked up the balls to go to my first college dance tonight. I was just sitting there in the student union studying, and all of a sudden I see all these Indian girls in fancy dresses. I'm like "hey, what's up" and they say there is a dance 30...
  5. GoodOne123

    Engineering vs Finance?

    So I've been working as an engineer for a few years now. Still young and 26 years old. My salary is pretty average, but way less than people that work in investment banking or management consulting. If I stick to engineering I'll afford a decent standard of living, but not amazing. I regret...
  6. BeTheChange

    [MUST READ] SMASHED MY PERSONAL BEST – 7 days, 5 dates, 4 lays. Here’s what I learned

    Quick caveat. I’m on gardening leave until January, when I start my new role. This week I spent my days in the gym, cooking, and reading the Rational Male and Irwin Shaw novels (cheers for the recommend on that one @fastlife. Great read) This has afforded me the luxury of time. What I liked...
  7. P

    Introduction: A way to the light

    There is this man who stood in the deepest shadows of a tunnel. He has no shape and no form. He is tall and yet he is short. He is colorless while having colors. His face is a blur, he could be anyone. At the end of the tunnel there is a light. A light that gives him shape, color and form. The...
  8. DiegoSantori

    If it doesn't come to you naturally, don't try it.

    There are things in life that always came naturally to me like friends or professional achievements. I never asked for a friend, yet there were always guys who invited me to parties and wanted to gain my friendship. My professional life is just as trouble-free. I've always done my best and the...
  9. pyros

    not getting any

    Last night I went to a salsa event with two of my friends. There we had a good time, or kind of, but I was not feeling in the mood to chat with random girls. I saw two girls that really caught my attention cause they were very very hot. I danced with one of them and she was around 24, 155 cm...