Introduction: A way to the light


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Nov 19, 2016
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There is this man who stood in the deepest shadows of a tunnel. He has no shape and no form. He is tall and yet he is short. He is colorless while having colors. His face is a blur, he could be anyone.

At the end of the tunnel there is a light. A light that gives him shape, color and form. The light represents everything he's not, success, power and happiness. To be able to reach the end of the tunnel, the shapeless man has to grow and find himself. A simple task that demands a lot of effort and hardship.

Comfort then arrives. It is the obstacle that the man has to overcome. It killed his motivation by giving him a feeling of safety. It is a fake light. He knows that its not real, but even so, he does not want to reach the real light anymore. Why would he? He is comfortable where he stands.

Fortunately, he finally comes to his senses after a while. He knows that if he stops here he won't ever get the chance to feel the real thing. He has to move on. He then proceeds to walk away from comfort.

After a long journey he finally reaches the end of the tunnel, he is one step away from the light. He tries to go in it and fails. He tries again, but nothing happens. For some strange reason he is unable to leave the tunnel.

Wanting answers, he decides to go back in the tunnel. While turning around to venture back in, he finds himself staring at his shadow.

Author's Note: Hello, like the title indicates, this story is my introduction. I will be using this site as a medium to share what I learn in the journey of my life. I will mostly talk about women, in the beginning, unlike what this tread would like to make you believe. I am here to improve myself, so feel free to leave remarks or criticism. This is always a conversation, so, feel free to follow along if you wish and you just might learn a few things.

Until next time