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social media

  1. M

    Dating, social media

    Ok guys now I'm curious to hear your opinions and every day I can think of one haha It often happens that girls who follow me on social networks unfollow me for no reason It would seem that they are not interested but once I dated a girl who years ago removed me from facebook and revealed to...
  2. A


    Hello all. I'm new here on the SoSuave forum. Just thought I'd join this forum instead of reddit or similar forums so I can get authentic discussion on intersexual dynamics. I have a few field reports I'll post every now and then so I can get some outside perspective on the experiences I have...
  3. Jariel

    Why you Must Block her Social Media after a Breakup

    If there’s one thing more humiliating than self-pity and breakup drama, it’s when you do it publicly. Not only will you lose her respect, you’ll lose the respect of all your online friends and followers. They’ll see exactly why she needed to get away from you. A lot of couples play hurtful...
  4. justhe_justin

    Social Media Censorship Insanity

    Can we talk about social media censorship? I’ve noticed sites like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook becoming much more strict on media content. Accounts I follow on these platforms are being censored to the point of insanity. A couple of weeks ago, Rollo Tomassi’s live stream podcast was shadow...
  5. K

    Its so funny when ....

    Its so funny when ppl around you think you dont have many things going on in youR life whether guys or girls. Posting everything on social network to market yourself is only worth is left i guess.. sadly i am not the type who put everything on social networking. --- girls think i dont do...
  6. backseatjuan

    Clean up social media & reevaluate friendships

    TOO DO: Clean up social media accounts. Put up good photos, and only good photos, get rid of garbage posts. Look up celeb social media accounts, and imitate their style photographs and posts. Reevaluate friendships, all of them. Everything not fitting with new agenda becomes and acquaintance/
  7. F

    Just starting out - Looking for a good basis and some tips for a specific situation

    Hey! I recently found out about this forum from the Rational Male, a book which a friend of mine recently gave me after we discussed a few things about psychology. I'm not completely uninitiated, but my experience is still really really lacking. I hanged out in the PUA community for a bit a few...
  8. resilient

    When They Block You...

    I was talking to Glassguy recently and I thought this might be a good topic for some DJs dealing with this puzzling behavior. Yesterday, I had a real life friend late 20's Asian woman from my church block me on Instagram for no reason. I rarely post, the only thing I can think of is she didn’t...
  9. resilient

    LTR Screening: Social Media Use

    One of the tough lessons I had to learn last year and this year again is in the importance of screening a woman who is a heavy social media user. Ex: Girl 1 I let myself get burned by making an AW a main plate too early after hooking up for 2-3 months last year. First red flag was this woman...
  10. M

    Social Media DM's

    Is it just around my area that it's considered weird to DM a girl on social media these days? I never really understood why, just a few years ago it was okay
  11. Maximus Rex

    Why Are You Her Facebook Friend or Following Her on Social Media?

    I notice that a lot of dudes are more than willing to add some random chick that they've just met to their social media platforms. Now I can understand this strategy if your at and intermediate or advance stage of the game and you're trying to generate social proof. However, most dudes who...
  12. pyros

    girls that use all social networks...

    so, what do you think about these type of girls? last night I met a chick and she told me that she uses fb, twitter, instagram, snapchat etc... a lot. She said that she uploads a lot of pictures... I barely use fb. Thoughts?