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rollo tomassi

  1. P

    conveying non-exclusivity to plates..

    Rollo says man should convey non exclusivity from the outset to avoid any future awkward situations. But it has to be done subtly and covertly. If done overtly, most women would reject such relation consciously, as it conflicts with their pride and self respect. My question is how to do that...
  2. J

    arousal vs attraction how to be arousal with women?

    hey guys I watched Rollo tomassis last video on youtube and its about arousal vs attraction. he says attraction is for example being funny having money... but how to be arousing to women? What can I do? Greets
  3. J

    good looking 20year old with no girls

    Hey Guys i really hope you can help me im 20 years old. I have a problem with girls since ever im good looking, i have money i have a good style i have good hygiene, many girls look at me and ask my friends about me but i dont have anyy girls. It could be arrogance it could be low self esteem it...
  4. B

    How to develop your alpha side?

    Rollo uses the phrase "Alpha ****s, Beta bucks." for the two sides of female hypergamy. Since I'm very young (20), it makes more sense to work on my "alpha" side, bc. girls my age are more attracted (or aroused as Rollo says it) to that than to a "good faithful provider". Now I don't wanna be...
  5. E

    How to command presence if youre young?

    Young looking male rarely get respect
  6. J

    Rollo tomassi Game book

    I have a question about tomassis book maybe some of you know the answer. He said its better to give hints about your life than to just tell her directly. For example saying that your long hours of studying are making you tired instead of saying that you are becoming a doctor (because it will...
  7. N


    let's start the tale , My dad is Asian and My mother black . ' Dark ' despite being fair at birth i am dark too - because she made me ? how by using oil and tanning me all these years , for that i had to face racism growing up in Asian society and developing an inferiority complex - that's a...
  8. Duke Smellington

    Results since taking the redpill

    Before I get into the results I've experienced in my first stage of taking and absorbing the redpill truth, I'll start with some background about myself.. I was raised in a blue-pill, Christian home by mom, grandmother, and a feminized father who was financially and emotionally ravaged by the...
  9. Berom

    When a plate wants more.

    I've completed reading "The Rational Male" and have just started "Preventative Medicine" within a matter of days. You could say I'm still "unplugging" myself from the matrix as it isn't easy for me to change a paradigm this quickly. The concept of spinning plates has really intrigued me...