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Nov 27, 2017
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Before I get into the results I've experienced in my first stage of taking and absorbing the redpill truth, I'll start with some background about myself..

I was raised in a blue-pill, Christian home by mom, grandmother, and a feminized father who was financially and emotionally ravaged by the divorce, child support and the family law system. School and pop culture only helped to reinforce my blue-pill mindset. Majority of my teachers were female so my mind naturally became groomed to want to please the feminine at all costs. My life literally depended on pleasing the feminine at home and at school. I was a very intellectual and emotional child. Growing up in an emotionally and sometimes physically abusive household I was more reserved and not inclined for masculine play, roughhousing etc. I was more inclined for fairness, justice, equality, follow the rules, pragmatic.

In school I never got the girl I wanted, my friends seemed to have little trouble with girls even though they treatd them like ass holes (or so I thought). I tried to treat girls with more compassion, by being nice to them, telling them what I though they wanted to hear etc.
- I was of the though that I could negotiate desire and rationalize with the object of my own desire to talk her into liking me - this never worked.. This pretty much went on through high-school and college.

Over time a few girls seemed to be naturally into me even though for the life of me I couldn't understand why they liked me. I couldn't understand that as a male I have intrinsic value to the opposite sex. In my relationships I didn't view myself as the prize, in fact I viewed the girl as being the biggest prize I could ever win in my life. I viewed myself as incomplete as a person until I found the "ONE" that would complete me, just like the music, movies and story books tell you. .

I did manage to get a girlfriend in highschool and one in college. I'll elaborate on the train-wreck that were these relationships in another post. Basically I got stuck in a 4 year LTR in my late teens/ early twenties. I was living with the woman and we were both very much co-dependant. Looking back I would have described this relationship as toxic, with both of us constantly taking little nips at eachother and poison dripping the other's emotional development. I think I resented her for her waining physical attraction to me even though she claimed to love me (men are the romantics pretending to be realists). She probably resented the fact she was trapped living with a Beta male, and was unable to exercise her hypergamy and participate in the alpha carousel activities and adventures that her girlfriends would tell her about.

Fast forward to present day. I graduated from university, have a well-paying job and I have been a minor student of PUA techniques and principles for the past 3 years. Even though I had dabbled in PUA for a while, I never really internalized the correct mindset of how men should ideally relate to women for attraction. Tactics and techniques were cool but I needed principles for how a man should behave in relation to women.

My redpill awakening came at the hands of Rollo Tommassi and my reading of The Rational Male. The realizations I came to while reading this book blew my mind every step of the way. The patterns he described in feminine behavior and the cyclical nature of female attraction and bed-death that occur in the average LTR are spot on. All of a sudden things became a lot more clear and the events of my past relationships started to make much more sense.

After reflecting on the principle that Rollo laid out I thought about how I could apply them to my current life situation. The ideas I've benefited from the most include:
- Spinning Plates: women are naturally attracted to men who have options, or men who behave as though they have options
- Mental Point of Origin: don't make her the focus of your life, she doesn't want to be the best thing in your life.
- Framing: Only enter an LTR under your own terms. It's very hard to regain frame once its lost, her frame is supported by society, her friends and family, the courts, most bluepill men.
- You cannot negotiate genuine desire: You ca nnever talk a woman into really liking you/ wanting to be with you/ wanting to please you like she would with a genuine object of her desire. No matter how much time money and resources you dedicate to the task.

- Benefits:
- Successfully converted an monogamous LTR into non-monagomous LTR. LTRs physical drive has increased as a result of me spinning more plates. Her behaviors have also changed. She more frequently complies with my physical advances and is even catering to my specific desires. She puts more work into pleasing me, making time just to **** me, dresses up in styles that I like.
- Less wasted time: I'm learning to spend time only with women who express a minimum level of interest in me. Genuine desire is non-negotiable

- Future
- I'm 26 now and I want to have game basically handled by the time I am 30 years old.
- Play around with setting up threesomes and other fun and adventurous situations.
- Experiment with a polygamous lifestyle with multiple long-term lovers. I really like the depth, growth and history you can build with someone over time but the familiarity/ comfortability usually kills the whole dynamic. My theory is if there is constant competition between my lovers within the household, everyone involved strives to maintain the best version of themselves due to ever-present threat of competition anxiety.


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Jul 15, 2013
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Great story man. This is a success story that's awesome to hear about, especially with the way you were raised. Can you imagine your life still being stuck in that BlueP bubble? With todays society I think you have better odds of winning the lottery than having a successful BP LTR.

Would really like to hear how you transitioned from monogamous LTR into non-monagomous LTR. Was it easier than you expected it would be?

Did you just lay it out there with zero f*cks given and say take it or leave it?