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  1. S

    Going completely blank after approaching at clubs

    I will usually open with something pretty standard like: "Hey how's it going? I just wanted to meet you real quick." After the opener, I will introduce myself and ask how they know each other but it rarely gets more than a few words out of them. I then proceed to go into interview mode...
  2. G

    Anyone want to daygame in Boston?

    Supp Im 21. Anyone tryna day game in boston? I need some wingmen Lol. Hmu
  3. B

    How to Close in nightclubs

    Hey, So I have no problem approaching girls. Actually I believe I have the opposite of approach anxiety. I want to talk to every good looking girl I see. The issue is that I can walk up to a girl at a club, dance with her, talk, sometimes even kiss her, and get her number if she’s with friends...
  4. GoodOne123

    What happened?

    Last night I went to the club again. Ended up dancing with this random group of 4 guys and 1 girl. The 1 girl leaned over to me and explained that it's her birthday. She looked a bit tipsy, and she was quite touchy and flirty. As soon as we are about to get really close and touchy with...
  5. GoodOne123

    How do I treat a girl like this?

    Basically I met a girl last week by dancing with her on a club dancefloor. No talking. We made out for 45 minutes straight. I fingered her for a while, grabbed her tiits etc. She grabbed my d. I got her number before her friend dragged her away. I played it cool and texted her saying I hope...
  6. GoodOne123

    This girl is confusing

    So I go out to club again. I see this good looking girl standing alone as she looks and smiles at me. I'm step over. I am blunt and frank, and say that shes my type and I'd like to kiss her. She says that her friends are leaving and must go. She points to her friends all walking out the...
  7. GoodOne123

    What's going on?

    I was on a roll recently. I was pulling 1 or 2 girls a night at the club every week. This was going on for a month straight. But I just went out this weekend to the club, and didn't pull anything! I only got two dances though. Both girls were dragged away from me by their friends. I'm so...
  8. B

    Field Report - Bar Crawling

    I won't be engaging trolls. Trying not to get banned. Update from last field report: fvcked five different chicks from a total of like 15-20 numbers. Haven't fvcked anything today because I dont want to be sedated. Going out tonight as per the usual. A guy I hit the scene with last week has...
  9. GoodOne123

    Confused By Recent Experiences

    Following my previous thread, I have made this thread to share my recent experiences in going out at night and trying to improve my game. To summarise my previous thread I aim to gain more confidence, get the dating game all figured out, and end my frustrations. My main assets are my looks and...
  10. E

    How to be lone wolf

    I am 33 and most of my friends are married with children. Because of that they do not go to clubs. They go to pubs but very rarely. I do not see any choice but to become lone wolf. Yet I am very embarassed by the situation. I was few time in the club alone but wen't home without talking to...
  11. A

    Tinder. Is dating app(s) killing day/night game?

    Title. Are the methods we used in the life outside internet no longer valid? I mean if everything goes through internet (Tinder-like apps, facebook, instagram etc...) is there a room for original DayGame (streets, shops, cafeterias, happenings etc.) and NightGame (bars, clubs, pubs, social...