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Senior Don Juan
May 11, 2016
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The City
I was on a roll recently. I was pulling 1 or 2 girls a night at the club every week. This was going on for a month straight.

But I just went out this weekend to the club, and didn't pull anything! I only got two dances though. Both girls were dragged away from me by their friends.

I'm so confused I didn't get to pull even though I tried...

When I go out to the club I get girls calling me good looking, a good dancer etc, and that I should have no problem getting a dance. But this time it was tough!

It's discouraging when a night is not so fruitful, like the one I just went to. It can make it worse if you see other guys pulling but not you. It can make you doubt yourself, especially if a girl rejects you harshly!

My question is why is it hard sometimes? Shouldn't I have no issues 100% of the time, especially if I'm seen as good looking etc? I've been told I can dance well too, so what could it be?