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high school

  1. GaBrotha

    Help! I think I lost my edge with women...

    Ok before I start this long post, I want to say that this is sort of a life story for me and how it all came about for me over the years. Hopefully it isn't drawn out too long for some of you. I honestly think I've lost my edge with women and I don't know what I am doing wrong the past few years...
  2. B

    Which girl should I go for?

    I'll try to make a long story short. Basically, I've liked this girl for about two weeks (We're in high school). At first, I was really pressed to get her attention and talked to her. Then I re-read some of the Don Juan bible and I got back to my senses and stop caring as much, but nonetheless...
  3. B

    Meeting someone from years ago

    Hey guy, to make a long story short, like 7 years ago when I was in Elementary there was this girl who was really nice and seeing her would just like lift your mood up cuz she was that good of a person. At least, that's how I saw her. We went to different schools, never heard from each other...
  4. B

    I want my girl back

    I know normally you guys would go on about me moving on and finding someone else and letting go and all that, but that's not what I want to do. Honestly, I want her. I've tried seeing other girls but none of them are her. Feel free to keep reading. I'm in high school btw. To make a long story...
  5. B

    Got her on a date. Now what?

    I'm in high school btw. There's this girl that I've been interested in for a few months now. But we never actually talked. It's a story behind that, but she just got out of a relationship. I got her number two weeks ago and talked my way into having a date at the carnival this Saturday. I don't...
  6. B

    I think I'm Starting to Catch Feelings for a Friend. Help?

    I'll start off by saying that I'm in high school. There's this cool girl in my school who I never really noticed at first. She started talking to me through social media then we started talking in person. One day she admitted to me that she used to like me. At the time I never thought of her as...
  7. B

    Should I Say This to Get Her Number?

    I like this girl in my grade but we don't really talk that much. Just a hi and bye basis, really. I think she's single and I wanna finally get her number. I finally thought of what to say to get her number. Can someone critique it? "Hey <name> how was your day"..."I see you at the games, doing...
  8. mynameisntNigel

    A Week in the Life

    Last week I had some experiences to ask about here on this forum. I don't post here much, and I may have earlier but the forum was unavailable the day I visited a few weeks ago. anyway, this is a nice new look. Have you ever just had enough? Do you ever just feel tired of a rough patch? I'm 17...