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  1. B

    How to gain mass as a skinny guy

    So I've been in the gym regularly for the past two years and got a pretty good defined body. Like visible sixpack, nice chest and back. But I haven't put on one Kg of weight. I do heavy lifting with squats up to 75 Kg's and bench presses with dumbbells up to 26 Kgs. per arm (and other exc. of...
  2. fakefonzie

    got a new job, very excited but somewhat worried about my health

    Recently I was accepted into my first engineering job, the pay looks great and the benefits are incredible. In this job one of the main components is traveling, I will be spending 10 days on-site working on their projects and 4 days at home relaxing, so the airplane miles will be racked up...
  3. Ceams_

    How to approach a girl in the gym

    Hello, again friends. There's a hot chick at my gym that I'm really fond of but I don't know how could I approach her since I'm new to the gym, and I'm not as bulked as the others. She has looked at me quite a few times so she has definitely noticed me. What could I say to her to get her number...
  4. GoodOne123

    Being a PT as a side-hustle?

    Im bringing up this topic due to the fact that having one job for the rest of your life is not the smartest move nowadays. It's especially relevant now, because many people have been made redundant from their jobs due to corona. I just wanted to ask your guys take on becoming a PT as a...
  5. E

    Help me schedule my training

    Hi , I´ve decided to take my gym training serious but I have no idea of what kind of workouts/excercises I should do , I´m going to the gym 5 days a week , so do u guys have any sugestions on what splits and sets should I try?. Let my know what you would recommend. Thanks in advance.
  6. pyros

    weight lifting or martial arts

    I did martial arts for around 6 years. I really enjoyed it, everytime I had to go I was motivated, I spent time on my own training and practicing; besides, I learned about asian traditions, self defense, discipline, kindness, etc. I also made a few friends that last until today. That was five...
  7. resilient

    Discipline is a Muscle

    Here's some good wisdom and motivation on training from Arnold: So much of what we do on the road to getting strong is the attitude and commitment you want to have. Have the will power to kick @ss and take names in the gym. Keep training day in and day out. Get in one more rep! I promise you...
  8. resilient

    Working out when tired

    Do you guys stick to your gym routine when you're tired? I'm supposed to go hard today on day 83 with biceps and triceps as I'm in my final days of Kris Gethin's 12-week daily training program. I got 4.9 hours of sleep last night, yet my body feels like 1-3 hours of sleep. I'm exhausted and...
  9. pyros

    why do you lift weights?

    I've been lifting weihgts for a few years now but I find it boring as fvck, never really enjoyed it. Before this, when I was in college, I did martial arts for several years and I did enjoy it very much, but after I started working and being and 'adult', going to the gym fits my schedule better...