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  1. D

    A friend in need... Indeed?

    There is a problem that needs a resolution. So I come here to you, brothers, for advice. But before the main point, a background story. I was 18 and just had a transformation from being a fat, shy boy to being a socialite. This is partly because of the fact I got rejected from a crush I had on...
  2. D

    Next date with her friends?!

    Hey, I have a woman in my life which I initially saw as a friend. After some talking and nonsense games we started doing fun activities together like once a month for about 4 months. Last time I tried to initiate some physical contact which she neither declined nor returned. This time I was...
  3. C

    Friendzoned After Sex.

    Greetings everyone! I have a problem and I don't understand what's happening. I'm a fit 54 year old male who exercises daily, usually yoga. Women tell me I'm handsome. In early February I met a woman who is the same age as me on a Saturday morning and wound up spending the weekend with her at...
  4. B

    Did the right thing? The 2-hour friendzone

    Its been a while since I posted, greetings to all fellow DJs! Met a girl on Tinder, dated for about 7 months. Broke up twice. Both times she broke it off. Both times I went NC and moved on. A week ago she whatsapps me a photo we took together, we started talking, met her yesterday evening. She...
  5. resilient

    Patook app - No flirting allowed

    Patook A new app that has been in development for a year lets you befriend others. It works a lot like Tinder so I'm told. Flirting isn't allowed and you can flag a message for flirting. Lol! :lol::rofl: Story...
  6. B

    The 9 outta 10 that got away? Oh and I smashed my windshield....

    One day I was going to meet a friend on spring garden road, I was there first waiting for her and I saw this amazing girl at least a 9 out of 10. I started to talk to her and we talked for about 2 minutes and then suggested we sit down. After I had her sitting down it was very easy to talk to...
  7. B

    Friend zone fun

    I tried to make this short, but... Worked with a girl a few years ago...she was way young (16 - I was 27...21/32 now) back then so there was nothing there obviously except her being my buddy at work. Fast fwd a few years...I moved away and she had just gotten out of a long relationship and we...
  8. G

    Calling a man honey/darling

    Hello, I have this girl. She's a solid 6 and I'm not attracted to her sexually. A while ago we had a conversation on the phone with her bf. After that she called me again to settle things once more. On that occasion she called me a word meaning honey/darling in front of her bf. I think this is...
  9. D

    Problem with Escalating, two dates and no kiss

    So a little background about my situation, I met a cool girl and I invited her out for dinner and we went bowling afterwards. We had a great time, we were flirty, laughing, and I sensed the attraction levels. At the end of the night, she hugged me in the Uber and said she would like to see me...