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  1. D

    A girl has used meme she sent me as her DP

    So I've been talking to this girl who has gone cold. We were doing great, joking around flirting and having fun. She even asked for a picture and the conversation progressed after that. She sent a meme on which we had a good laugh and exchanged a story and she has now put it as her DP. I think...
  2. S

    Kind of friend zoned? But she acts like she likes me but not enough...

    I know a girl who I've known for years now. I've never been able to meet her in person because she lives in California and I've always lived in Florida so she was always too far. She was calling me every single day at one point but I guess I got tired of things not going anywhere and started...
  3. B

    Stumbling back to Beta

    So there’s a girl I’m seeing, been with her about a year. She got some medical issues and went to go see her gyn because of immense pain she was feeling down there. Her gyn told her from he scans they did, there’s a very little chance of her being able to have kids. She came to see me the day...
  4. B

    Friend zone fun

    I tried to make this short, but... Worked with a girl a few years ago...she was way young (16 - I was 27...21/32 now) back then so there was nothing there obviously except her being my buddy at work. Fast fwd a few years...I moved away and she had just gotten out of a long relationship and we...
  5. VforVendetta

    I know you guys have been through this so some insight would really help.

    As i said, it would help me get out of a place i'm stuck in. I'm in college, finishing up my first year, living in a big dorm. All's cool, i feel a craving for women so it's not that. But it's like, i approach, i put in the effort to get myself out there, i'm determined to drive it to the end...
  6. VforVendetta

    Confused by this

    Hi, i'm 20 and attending University. This is legitimately confusing and i want to know why it may have happened for future references. So i've been stepping up my game, cold approaching in bars and on the street recently and it's been going great. Suddenly, a girl from my Uni group,that i was...
  7. D

    Quite confused

    So this girl I happen to live with in my apartment in separate rooms always wants to do things with me like go eat dinner, walk with her, go hiking or fun places. She says sexual references and does slightly provocative things. Here is the problem, I say and do things and she will smile or very...
  8. VforVendetta

    Something i needed to ask a community like this

    Hi , i'm 19 and i know i'm still young for gaming and all that jazz but, being passionate about life and absorbing different ideas i stumbled upon the whole community a while back and the ideas blew me away. Anyway, i needed to ask you guys this because i'ts been pressuring me so much and i can...