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  1. CollegeMan22

    Will it backfire if I approach women in a coffee shop I work in?

    I do my remote work in a local coffee shop from 8 to 5. I’m a regular and all of the women staff are joking friends with me. The place is frequented by lots of young women. I was thinking of doing some approaches when I get down time at work. I see two problems. One, I would have to go back to...
  2. S

    Looking for an approach buddy virtually

    Hey community, The title says it all. I am looking for someone to do approaches with over phone call. I know it'll be very beneficial for both of us because we can critique each other, encourage each other, and give feedback instantaneously. In the Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, he says one of...
  3. Tilex

    Social Circle Game - Opening Group Sets

    Social circle game is by far one of the easiest ways to hook up with or meet women in public. The dynamic about approaching groups works more in your favor if you're opening an all female group. Mixed groups (males + females) can work well too, but be wary you aren't stepping over the wrong...
  4. devilkingx2

    How do you feel about approaching girls who aren't alone?

    Whether cold or warm or hot, direct or indirect, night game or day, how do you feel about approaching multiple girls (at least 2, or more who are together, like a group) I've always thought that this was an absolute must avoid because it seems way harder, but reflecting on it, it went slightly...
  5. devilkingx2

    lets talk about cold approach

    been a while since I saw a thread about this on here, the new college semester is less than a month old so it's around the perfect time to start one so, DJs of sosuave share with the class your latest tips, tricks and strategies, how has cold approaching been going for you lately and how often...
  6. GeezerBub

    Is it just me?...

    I can't get it out of my god damn head that if I make ANY eye contact it'll go straight to "Omg... he must be a psycho killer!" Like, call me crazy, but it feels like women constantly hoping for the opportunity to claim sexual harassment or scream RAPE!! like it was a ****ing button they keep...
  7. resilient

    Some weird sets lately

    I don’t know if I’m giving off some nice guy frame vibe or something... :confused: I prefer approachable, social, diverse interests, fun with a dash of mystery. Lately, I’ve had a few strange sets. Off the top of my head: Set1: Decent girl (better looking of the two sets), didn’t take the...
  8. darksprezzatura

    Asking for number or giving the number?

    After cold approaches, building rapport and comfort. It always comes down to the most important thing- The number close. This is the end game to a day cold approach. I've noticed when women do give out their numbers, it's either 1) They like you. 2) They just want to be polite 3) It's not a...
  9. Black Wolf

    How to avoid anger and frustration during daygame.

    Dear SoSuave members, I've been practising daygame for a month or two now and have been pretty dedicated, aiming to do 50 approaches a day. I've had some success - ****ing about five attractive women. Since before this I hadn't ****ed one, for me this is a massive step in the right direction...