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Looking for an approach buddy virtually


Don Juan
Sep 2, 2021
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Hey community,

The title says it all. I am looking for someone to do approaches with over phone call. I know it'll be very beneficial for both of us because we can critique each other, encourage each other, and give feedback instantaneously. In the Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, he says one of the aspects that makes elite performers is instantaneous feedback so corrections can be made immediately. In this case, we will both have another set of ears listening in on our approaches and more importantly motivating each other.

I'm looking for someone who is *not* an absolute beginner at cold approaches and is available around lunch time Eastern Standard Time(5pm London/9am California) for 30 mins-1 hour to do approaches together.

DM me if you are interested :)

Why virtual? I realize it's extremely unlikely I'll find someone who lives in the same city as me, and approaches in the same spot as me at the same time. But odds are, someone on this forum approaches at the same time as me, so why not do it together and get that brotherhood comradery going.

Why you, Suave1? I have done a little over 300 approaches and have gotten laid a few times from it. Obviously looking to increase both numbers. I feel like I'm pretty good at motivating and being there for support as well.


New Member
Apr 15, 2023
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Hey Suave1, I'm interested in being your virtual wing if you're still open to it. I can't quite figure out how to DM so I'm posting here...