alpha male

  1. P

    where is the limit of boundary with women? can someone elaborate?

    i have seen girls playfully hitting their bf in shoulder or shaking their shoulder so i wonder is it beta behavior to allow them do it? where is the limit of what you should allow a woman to do and what you should not allow her to do? how can you set boundaries and is there any specific example...
  2. Von

    Bring back the Male, China Alpha Male strategy

    China wants to bring back manly male Click on the URL article. China consider its ''male'' especially the ''youth'' to be too girly. They launching a program... to boost sport in school, bring back military models etc.
  3. Blacksheep

    Whatsapp group - Alpha Male

    I don't know if I can share it here, if I cannot, I apologize to the moderators. Btw, just created a whatsapp group where we can share ideas, tips and help each other with our life experiences. I think we can grow better together than alone.
  4. N


    let's start the tale , My dad is Asian and My mother black . ' Dark ' despite being fair at birth i am dark too - because she made me ? how by using oil and tanning me all these years , for that i had to face racism growing up in Asian society and developing an inferiority complex - that's a...
  5. P

    Society's attack on the Alpha.

    I was recently following up on popular scandals on the internet when I ran into several articles on R. Kelly and how scandals seen to follow him but this has never deterred him from achieving tremendous success in what he does. What caught my attention was how a beta-male-feminist by the names...
  6. dbayraktar

    My GF doesn't let me to protect her or do anything. I'm not happy, help me?

    Hi everyone. I'm just new to this forum and first of all, I want you to know that my English is not very well, but I'll do my best for you to understand me. Sorry about my English. NOTE: I'm sad about my relationship and afraid to lose her or being dumped/cheated on for another man, but I don't...
  7. P

    Alpha Male Dictator

    Anyone tried this? It's a hypnosis program. Someone told me that it's the best thing since sliced bread but I need a second opinion.
  8. N

    Dealing with Alpha "friends"

    Hey, Iam 28 and my girlfriend is 22 and we are living together and in a relationship for 18 month. Iam no native speaker so pardon my english ;) There is one thing that bothers me a lot to be honest. I have this guy in my social circle that i basically can't avoid. He's an douchbag and jerk...
  9. Poon King

    Nice guy BETAS finish last

    Great examples of how NOT to be a pandering beta when meeting new plates. For all the white knights and other co-dependent betas.. watch and learn: You're welcome.
  10. aforabi

    What is a "true" fearless Warrior and How to Be ONE?

    Hi guys, Cheesy it may sound, but i want to be a 'true' FEARLESS warrior ... in its core sense ... not a wishy washy one ... i want to be the best in where my interests lie ... But who is a fearless warrior? I think a fearless warrior is someone who is NOT afraid of taking risks, not afraid...