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  1. J

    Opened set of 2. Moment I eyed on pretty one she pulls back her body

    Flat out rejection or Harmless conditional reaction ?
  2. L

    Where did I went wrong?

    Hello, I am 19 and new to this platform. In fact, any dating platform Recently, I have been reading The Rationale Male, and from there, I read about SoSuave, so I decided to check it out. This post will be long since I do not know how to write a short summary, so if you can bear with me, point...
  3. Black Magic

    I Need an Alpha Mindset

    Hey all, first post. I'm new to Red Pill thanks to The Rational Male, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and other sources, and feel like I have a long road of recovery ahead. Backstory...been sober for a few years and almost a year ago joined another 12 step program for relationships. I have not...
  4. Protonym

    Help an AFC: Safe Boundaries For Seeking Rejection

    I'm an AFC and don't want to be. Upbringing was "If you want the girl- open doors for her, keep a respectful distance, don't 'lust' after her, (etc...), and she will keep going out with you until you fall in love and live happily ever after." These are the following problems I suspect I need to...
  5. T

    Need Some Advice from the Pros

    I recently got back into the dating game after a divorce. I've worked on myself and thought I had everything together until last night. I met a really cool chick on a dating site, and I'm talking 9-10. (Yeah I've been reading the RM and understand dating sites are a buffer that promote One-itis...
  6. 9nigma

    Lost my Abundance Mindset after a bad relationship

    After a year and a half of “studying” psychology and game I’ve entered a relationship with a girl who I’d thought to have been something special. Turned out that she is a snake and probably has some brain damage. I was blinded by her looks and our past expriences. Later on I have realised that...
  7. T

    Ljbf negative reaction

    So I’ve been friends with this girl for a while, through mutual friends, she would flirt with me and want to hang out weekly, I made a move and got rejected so I cut her off. She contacted me randomly and I decided I was gonna reject her ljbf offer due to me trying to leave my arc behavior...
  8. Y180SX

    I've Fu***d up. ONEitis, Monogamy as goal, the works...

    So I've started reading, or rather listening to, The Rational Male. Man, has it flipped my world upside-down. I consider myself a pretty logical guy, so I was and am able to open my mind to the ideas that are being set forth in the book and seeing how many things that I have been wrong about for...
  9. J

    Help me handle this attention *****. The best advice gets a cookie.

    New in the class. Hottest girl in the school in my class. Has a group of AFCs treating her like queen everyday (a lot of kino). We talked first day and second day she basically smiled at me she hugged me first(didnt even know my name at this point) and flirted like crazy. I played my Don Juan...
  10. pyros

    beta guy begging for a date

    So I was watching this tv show called First Date, and there was this super beta guy that just kept begging and begging. He complimented her many times, he said that she was the hottest girl he's ever been on a date with, he said that he was super lucky to have met her etc, etc; all this while...
  11. Berom

    Religion conditioned me to be an AFC.

    I realize there are many variables to consider when wondering how one is conditioned to be an AFC/"nice guy". However, in my case, I believe religion (Pentecostal Christianity in my case) has played a significant part in this paradigm I'm trying to break myself out of. I've seen a couple...