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    Why older women get furious at men their age dating younger

    This is the truth. Quick anecdote/humble brag. Im 39, and plated a 19 year old a couple of months ago. Went to grab pizza with her. Another I would say maybe 18-20 year old guy said under his breath, dude she's like half your age. (I actually never heard it, because my hearing is indeed...
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    Can a guy in his 40s get a woman in her 20s without being rich or famous or without paying for it?

    One more data point. I am 39 years old. Have had several girlfriends in their 20s. My girlfriend now is 27. Actually banged a 19 year old, a few months ago, but I think that may have been an aberration. My stats- Earn a far above average income. Am in excellent physical shape. No hair...
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    I will be officially ending my “model phase”

    I am actually ending my slightly above average phase. I am now only talking to professional models.
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    article: How Testosterone Therapy Is Transforming Aging

    Good post RBK, thanks for sharing.
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    Is it creepy to go to a strip club alone?

    @Serenity, I think you meant to remove the word 'not' from that sentence.
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    Yeah, its somewhat understandable if you have an on call job. With women, you do need to strike while the iron is hot. The window often times is much smaller than you think to make things happen. You should never assume that there will be an opportunity.
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    cashier ioi (indicators of interest)

    I think she was telling you quite literally to put your credit card in so that she could move the line along. It sounds like you just over extended your credit and your credit card was declined.
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    My friends gf.....

    No she was feeling herself. This is a classic symptom of an attention *****.
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    Why am I ghosting women.

    Agreed. I would consider changing your posting name as NiceIndecisiveBoy
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    The one thing that will absolutely destroy your life.

    Six pack and six figures - big deal, especially with inflation. Come back and post when you have a 12 pack and 12 figures.
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    Would it be ok to do just calf raises for my lower body workout?

    It would be hard to give advice without knowing your overall regimen. But, generally calf raises would really only make sense after you did compound exercises like Squats, deadlifts, and lunges.
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    My friends gf.....

    It does not mean she is flirting with you at all. Girls love attention and validation.
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    Is she DTF or am I wasting my time?

    Op, no disrespect whatsoever, but there is no reason to write a wall of text about if a woman is or isnt DTF. That can be figured out quickly. You invite her to an environment where your intentions are obvious. Her place, a hotel room, wherever. Then, you escalate and escalate until you're...
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    Just a quickie..

    Like Deezedbra says, its not the superbowl, its just practice. EVERY set is practice. There is no losing in approaching. Only Winning and learning.
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    I'm Breaking Married Women's Hearts...

    I believe that this is spot on.