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    First Number Close Since Break-Up With Fiance

    Gentlemen gentlemen You are in the company of greatness When this guys Gio speaks -- LISTEN Gio - Great to have you back, my GF and I broke up last May and I am still getting back into the scene. Nice to see you on here again, hope you stay fer awhile your friend Poach
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    genital warts... questions...

    warts Ok here's the lowdown on genital warts I have had them for about 16 years I have had about 7 outbreaks, and I go to my dermatologist and he burns them off with liquid nitrogen. The virus can stay in your lowest level skin cells, your "basal cells". The virus only becomes...
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    How 2 be a broke azz playa.

    I HAVE TO COMMENT ON THIS ONE Anyone who actually believes that it is somehow intrinsically wrong to dl movies for free from the internet and burn them is out of their mind. Bootlegging is the most NOBLE thing on earth. If you pay 16.99 for a DVD, do you think that the one dollar and...
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    "Tips for Snagging a Waitress II - The Barmaid"

    oohh BUMPED again
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    Tips For Snagging a Waitress

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    Does anyone here work at a bar?

    killerasp-- as primers...read "tips for snagging a waitress" from the DJ bible, and do a search with my name for my post "tips for snagging a barmaid"..I believe that there is great insight here for working a bar. Good luck
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    Need a summer job? Become a waiter!

    THIS IS ALL TRUE-- If anybody decides to follow through: MAke sure you read "Tips for Snagging a Waitress" by 'Galactus' (its in the bible) and "Tips for Snagging a Waitress II: The Barmaid", by yours truly. Because sooner or later you will be inclined to make a move on one of your coworkers...
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    Here's something that I can see no down side to: "Double-Book" your dates or meetings with women. If you have two or three females that you may link up with for a particular event or activity, do what doctors and dentists do..."Double-Book". That's right. PURPOSEFULLY schedule more than...
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    A long Term Experiment

    About MisterErious-- "By george, I think he's GOT IT!" WELL DONE and Welcome The essence of not needing women POACH LIVES! ------------------ "We've got a blind date with destiny, and it looks like she's ordered the lobster. There's no point in waiting for the cavalry, because, as of this...
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    "Tips for Snagging a Waitress II - The Barmaid"

    BUMPed for Tyler Durden
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    The Transition Phase

    Also see the connection between a woman's support system and having a boyfried...if a woman moves to a new apartment, area, city, college....she often loses old family and friends as a significant presence in her life. Hence she is much more open to a dating relationship, for a number of...
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    "Tips for Snagging a Waitress II - The Barmaid"

    Anyone who knows about the subculture of the service industry will understand the value of Galactus' now classic post "Tips for Snagging a Waitress". It should be a great eye-opener for anyone who never worked in a restaurant of a bar. It occupies it's rightful place in the Don Juan Bible...
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    She has a BF. Is she really interested, or out for attention?

    crowes22 great post as usual
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    Tricks And Traps

    I wouldn't do this.
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    Some good stuff here for all DJ'S....

    JUSTME, I remember when you were greener than an early morning loogie. "By George, I think he's GOT IT."