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Recent content by idiot_boyfriend

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    Advice to Young Men from an Old Man

    Some of these tips were useful, but most of them were crap. The Republican comment seemed like a cheap jab, even though he implied that you shouldn't pick on anyone. The fistfight suggestion is idiotic. I don't know where a lot of you guys are from, but the notion that "it isn't as bad as...
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    Don't Have Any Friends and I Feel Like ****

    ~attrACTION~, You aren't alone. I had a really sh*tty freshman year, also, because I they roomed me with seven little girls. It was a very annoying experience. My suitemates/buildingmates didn't really like me because.... well, i'm not into girly crap. However, my current 'mates get a kick out...
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    FR: SamePendo meets all women at his gym in a week.

    Bump. Good stuff, bro. msg, That iPod things sounds pretty funny. It's a good opener, and it pokes fun at the situation. -IBF
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    Interesting opener?

    Gonzalo, Heh heh, yeah, I was just looking for something funny. Thanks man. SamePendo, Will do, bro. The majority of attractive women I tend to see are at the gym. Thanks. -IBF
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    Interesting opener?

    Well, yesterday I was at the gym when I was stretching next to this HB9.5 who was doing situps had one of those huge inflatable balls roll away towards me. She stopped it quickly, turned around, smiles, and went back to exercising. Yeah, I didn't ask her out. :down: Huh, i'm sorry fellow...
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    Do girls with a high kiddy voice have a trouble past?

    I don't believe it for a second.... it sure is a turn-off, for me, though.... LOL
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    Why asian guys can't get white girls (vid)

    LOL. Exactly. Funny clip though.
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    To all the acomplished DJ's

    'nuff said. Plus, I learned if you can get the girl laughing or entertained, your chances go up by 100X. I know, i know.... as simple as it sounds, at one point I used to be an AFC.
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    waitress in restaraunt asking questions?

    Go back and chat with her more, ONLY if you know when she'll be there. Otherwise, don't bother wasting your time.
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    You Will Die One Day

    Well said. Hell, in ten years, what will you dwell on more? How you missed a chance or how you grabbed your balls and made something happen?
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    Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

    Wow, I really like this method. Thanks for taking all that time to type it up. I MUST TRY IT!
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    Don't think every girl HAS to like you

    Great post. Always learn from your failures to better improve your game and life!
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    Date Ideas

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    Why is the moderator on a locking spree?

    $10 say that this post gets locked or moved. :D
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    This is the first time i've ever gotten....

    Thanks. I'm planning to get her number ASAP.