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Recent content by Brazilian_Blues_Boy

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    Existentialism is a very challenging and life-oriented branch of philosophy. There's no such thing as one Existentialism, but different authors with Existential themes in common. Even in the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes has existential themes. I'm currently reading Existentialism for...
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    Stopped by to say hello

    Hello there everyone. Glad to see this forum is still alive and kicking. I'm 23 and in college now, but I intend to drop by and talk about my HS experiences, now that it is 5 years behind me. Hope to find some of the old school people here. Best wishes, BBB ps.: as a former...
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    I'm a legend

    Like Cartman would say, " I love you guys. " LOL!!
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    The Mango Seed

    Being born in a tropical country as I am, we're having spring here and it's a period of abundance for all kinds of yellow, orange and red juicy fruits. One that is particularly juicy is the mango!! Oh, how I love the mango! Sweet and sour, all in the funky , rosy, football-shaped fruit...
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    I'm a legend

    It's all right man, one of the first things I told is that I'm a f*cking arrogant pig... if your heart tells you to hide your game and play cool it's ok , it's right for you, but there's no absolute truth man, there's just what feels right for you..
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    I'm a legend

    Me? I'm a legend... Long time no seeing... living hard, hard living sometimes. I would like to first honestly, sincerely, and deeply, thank you, thank you all gentlemen, for the kindness and respect, the appreciation devoted to all the things I wrote. I stand up for everything, because...
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    Bringing these words that were being ketp captive from deep within the vaults of my heart, I shall salute you gentlemen. Arise ! Arise above all the mediocrity my friends, arise above and beyond the cheap dreams and the worthless goals that they're selling you through the glass screen...
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    A Handful of Doubt

    Seven hours and a handful of doubt The candle burns quick now and time is running out I never asked for this yet somehow here we are I never asked for this now I can’t live without Time, time moves Time, time heals Time, time slips Time, time steals Forty pages and a handful...
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    learning must be a hard task?

    Re: Re: learning must be a hard task? Why don't go f*ck yourself instead of contributing to the f*cking thread? What if he's foreigner? Did you think about that? Is he obligated to f*cking write correctly, when most american native users write like dumb f*ckers? F*ck off
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    Seduction Goldmine!!!

    f*cking spammer
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    Humble As A Little Bird

    " ... and as the wise old woman finished her prayer, she looked deep into my eyes, smiled, and said: " We've got to be humble.... humble like little birds... the little birds are part of god, they're the holy ghost... they're fated to fly from place to place, in search of small grains of food...
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    Today, Diego Polo, the ones who writes to you is one year older. 19. 18 was a tough ride, I gotta tell ya. But I survived. We all survived. As toiled and as lonely this last year might have been, only yesterday, on my last day of being 18, a wise old woman, a healer, has made me realize what I...
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    Of Rabbits And Turtles (An Essay On Merit)

    Gone are times when a pen and a piece of paper could spark a revolution. Guess we all had a childhood in here, and we all heard the fable of the rabbit and the turtle. The rabbit, not the rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland, shamelessly copied in the trilogy that my brother moderator loves...
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    Doing the things you love to do.

    :) I think I can pass torch hahaahahaha ;) It's a great ride ain't it my friend? Finding and losing the Art of Life... There are ups and down... as though as you can be, you can't escape all the downs... but it's good... brings balance... I wish you a lot of luck my friend... this...