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Who "enjoys" approaching women?



i hate 'picking up' with a vengeance, so I now approach every women with the intention of being friends with her, chit chat, even being rude or a little crude with a comment etc.

Dont get me wrong, i'm not trying to be friends or anything like that, but by using this approach I remove the pressure on myself to succeed.
Now you may be asking why i'd wanna use this approach on a woman, the reason is that whenever you approach a woman, she's not stupid, she'll automatically assume you're trying to pick her up.
This usually happens 90% of the time as most women have egos the size of a small country.

You can usually spot from the vibe right off if she'd be worth pursuing anyway, and your relaxed attitude when you approach can make you seem more confident.
Profound advice. Gonna pick up that attitude instead of the pressure to succeed and conquer.