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Don Juan
Jan 15, 2019
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Thanks for the advice ..I'm gone to shoot one more shot at her...f**ck it


Master Don Juan
Mar 23, 2018
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.the day she asked where I was at ..so I can't say she wasn't never interested....that's what's confusing me
You are projecting your interest on her so much that you take ONE thing out of 5,000 definite indicators of disinterest and decide it means she wants you. What kind of dignity and self respect do you have as a man to repeatedly try to connect with a girl who has pushed you away FOR YEARS?

She may have dialed the wrong number when she called you or she may have thought she saw you stalking her and that’s why she was asking, but even if it was a legit reach-out on her behalf, no self respecting man would give her the time of day.


Master Don Juan
Apr 25, 2016
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Jesus Christ I thought people like this only existed in the movies as super psycho stalkers.

OP- keep blowing her phone up. Shell come around when she sees your persistence.

Make sure to keep buying new phones to message her from when she plays "hard to get" and blocks you again.

Make sure to send her a dozen roses for Vday. Nah...go ahead and hand deliver them AT HER WORK. That will impress her. Attach a heart felt poem that you personally write, a stuffed bear and chocolates. Better take your mom with you to help carry it all in. Plus you can introduce your mom to her while she is there. Kill 2 birds with one stone. Make sure to introduce her as "your future wife" when introducing her to your mother.

Persistence pays off! Dont take NO for an answer. I think you're right.....I think there is a chance but you'll have to go big or go home!

Make sure you let all know how it goes!


Master Don Juan
Jun 21, 2017
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Ok it's this check I met 7 years ago. We literally chilled for like 2 days and we never linked back up on my part , so it wasn't really never nothing,eventually lost all contacts. So years later I ran across her Facebook page, so I just her up.

(June 2018) she doesn't open ot respond to message. 2months later (Sep 15, 2018) I messaged her and told her to hit me up, she replied back with the "??"..I asked where she was at and she said " why wassup", I replied back with the same plans I hit her up about 2 months ago, she never responded.

(Late Oct 2018) wrote her again, she didnt respond So a week later (early Nov 2018) I wrote her again,she wrote back cursin me out , told me to stop writing her and I'm really buggin. I was like forget it and went on about my business. I wrote her again late Nov and told her we need to link up and the reason why ect. She left me on read.

A week later I(Mid Dec) I had a missed call from her. I wrote her back and was like what's up .she wrote back and asked where I was at, i replied 8 hrs later and never got a response. Wrote her 6 days later, she never opened it., Called her later that evening she never answered.
Another 6 days passed I wrote her again and asked where she was at, I then immediately call her she didn't answer and instantly wrote me back " Boy wtf wrong with you, don't be calling my phone " , I told her we need to link up ..she replies back and saying " I'm not trying to do such and such" , I said im talking about something else.. she says " I'm good I have a dude. You had a chance and played", I didn't reply , I wrote her back 2 days later no response and called no answer. Wrote her again, kind of got frustrated and said rude I assumed and she wrote back cursing me out,ect Telling me to get the f in. I still wrote her after that telling her we need to link and she ended up blocking me. I really just went on about business.

A year later , (Sept 2019) I'm on Snapchat and a Chick that i know that I'm following had her in one of their snap stories. I wrote the chick and mentioned ol girl name and told her to tell her to hit my snap, told her my snapname. Ol girl ended up checking it and asking me " who is this"..I told her and she was like " Really C**y (My name)..wrote her back and mentioned the same plans I had before and she said " I'm over that sh**t"..I never responded .

Months later,January 2020 I messaged her on Snapchat she instantly opened it and responded..told her about linking up ect she was like "mhmm"..she even took a screenshot of the address I gave her but she ended flaking out after I kept texting her and said she was in for tonight , she been ripping and running" (be excuse)..I wrote her back now response smh. 2 days later she write me back and leaves her number and says " call me 2***3***"..I waited for a week to call and when I did some dude answered the phone , I hung up. So I called back 2 days later , no answer but she instantly sent a text with the "??", I said " This C**y (My name)...she replies with " what's up"...I reply and she instantly says " wrong number"...I'm like wtf? So I write her on Snapchat and say " answer yo phone"..she says " No" , I replied she never responded till the next morning and said something I ain't understand..I responded back but she never opended., She finally opened it 2 weeks later, around Feb 3 but never responded.

Feb 8 2020,So I found out she had a new number and got it. I texted her and was like " What's up this c**y", she texts back an hr later and says " How you get my number ? I didn't see the text ,3 min passed she texted back " Creeped out b**ch" and called my phone 5 min later but I didn't answer because i didn't see it till after. She blocked the number.

I texted her from another number after , she says " QUIT TEXTING ME,LEAVE ME THE F ALONE" , I told her she gave me her number on snap and she trippin , she was like when? Send a screenshot? and asked what's my Snapchat name..I told her and told her she must don't know who she Be talking to on there...she texts back 5 min later saying " Blocked" and now I'm blocked on Snapchat.

So I check my Facebook and see she sent me this right before I texted her the second time:

(She unblocked me , wrote that and blocked me again...not on Facebook but only messenger)

What y'all think about this??
You are a candidate for Jerry Springer