Was I used by this girl?


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Jan 14, 2018
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Somewhere where's it's none of your business
If you want to have a chance of getting her back just do the following;

1. Grovel more.
2. Don't ever argue with her.
3. Give her more money.
4. Call her Mistress.
5. Act submissive at all times.
6. When other men are around, make sure you put your hand across her shoulders or waist. Walk with her like u r the fvcking King Kong of a man.
7. Buy her flowers every Friday and make sure you send it to her office where all her female friends can see it.
8. Personally send her an expensive lunchbox every Wednesday and spread some to the other girls there to maximise your popularity.
9. When on dates, once in a while surprise her by getting down on your knees and sing her a lovely heartfelt love song.
10. Finally, and the most important aspect is always trusting her 100% of the time. After all love is about trust.

Good luck !


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Jun 18, 2018
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I casually dated a girl on and off for a year(I know this was dumb). She started going through rough financial times and she asked me for money. I helped her and she started ghosting and flaking on me. When I addressed she said she was depressed and wants to be alone. Eventually after me arguing with her saying that I don’t feel appreciated, she dumped me for good claiming that I’m hanging **** over her head too much and I keep briging up the favors I did for her; I helped her financially three times, twice for rent and once for helping her buy things she needed for work. I gave her money to overturn her eviction notice; I saved this girl’s life!!! I didn’t mind doing so cuz she invested in me, bought me gifts ,dinner and the like. All I wanted to do was continue seeing her. Is it too much to ask that she doesn’t flake w/o a word or ghost me. What’s the lesson here? Not asking for sympathy. I know I ****ed up.
The lesson is don't worry about her. Cut ties. She did not deserve your help. Never help her again no matter what.
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