1. D

    Being physically attractive but internally the opposite

    People find my appearance tough and even when I'm not angry I can be seen as angry. But inside I am sensitive and submissive as a male while i was born. And i hate it too much. Being sensitive and not being able to take control (in relationships, friendships, and other things) feels disgusting...
  2. T

    Mangina Behavior in a Relationship. A Brief Case Study on What Not To Do.

    When a man takes on the traits of a woman within a relationship he kills attraction. In this post, Mangina refers to the male in the relationship that was acting like he had a Vagina. It was also a play on his name which ironically was spelled similarly. He acted more like a woman in the...
  3. C

    How to get a girl to be dominant in bed?

    Hi Guys, I have a question. I used to be a typical blue pilled chode not too long ago. However, since I have discovered Game, I have slowly starting getting better with women and in the past few months have been pulling a few girls and having sex with them. In the bedroom I am a switch and...
  4. darksprezzatura

    Tips on Sex

    I see a lot of posts on how to get girls, passing tests, frame and game, whining about exes. When it comes down to one of the most important parts which hooks a woman to you (Or you to the woman) it's SEX. For a woman to consider you to be the best she's had, there are a couple of redpill...
  5. B

    Dominance game and this woman...strange situation

    I met a 26 year old very hot woman on OLD who I believe is probably f'd up in the head, but honestly what hot chicks aren't these days... Anyway she was attracted to me because she said I look "dominant" but wasn't sure I'd be able to give her what she needed... She said she wants a guy who...
  6. B

    FR and becoming exceptional on first dates

    Met up with another new chick today...crossfit chick and she was in shape and kinda muscular, which I find really attractive for whatever reason...tight little body, tight butt, tattoos...she was kinda reserved at first but convo started flowing and we both had waters, usual, the date...