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  1. resilient

    Thanksgiving Week - Prepare for Flaking from OLD/Social Media/Social Spheres

    What's up fellas? It's Thanksgiving week and I just now got a text from a tentative first date 5 hours before the date by and OLD chick. We had been conversing and interest seemed to be running well. I didn't over invest, yet played things up with the interests I have in the outdoors. That's...
  2. J

    Ignore, keep chasing or just be friends with her

    Hi. So, i don't really know what to do with this girl from class - i've had a really big crush on her for about 2 -3 months (oneitis, i know) and we've talked for 6 months. Since the beginning, she has been (very) physical and flirting with me which i have reciprocated and intensified since...
  3. darksprezzatura

    Your perspective on the situation

    My last bang HB 7.5 flaked on me today. With the typical 'last minute crisis' excuse with no reschedule. She's flaked thrice. Total four dates. After today I think it's safe to say she has low IL, charge it to the game and move on. I replied to her flake with '...' and deleted her number...
  4. E

    Flaking low level interest

    my last 2 set up dates both flaked in the same way - date and time confirmed 2/3 days before date - 1 was a first date, 2nd was a 3rd Date (at my house) - both times after 20 minutes of no show I ring them and they both say they were waiting for the time to be confirmed!!! - accept its low...