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  1. CollegeMan22

    I did an OLD experiment, here's what I learned

    Yesterday in the evening, I was curious what it is like to be a girl on OLD. So I pulled up a stock image site and pulled four stock images of a 7/10 girl who looked about 22. The images were of professional quality, probably better than most pictures that girls post. I created a simple profile...
  2. CyrusTheGreat

    Is it harder to sleep with women in late 20s/early 30s on the first date?

    I've had limited experience sleeping with women who are in their late 20s/early 30s. Prior to this I was usually with younger women and they ended up in my bed pretty easily on the first date. However, with women in their late 20s/early 30s, I haven't landed a first date sex so far. I have to...
  3. CyrusTheGreat

    1st date is a few days from now. What to do meanwhile?

    I'm kind of new to OLD, and I've had some moderate success getting dates this week. But I've got a problem, and hence I'm here asking for some help form you DJs. I just set up 3 1st dates with 3 chicks from OLD. All 3 venues are cafes near my place at 5pm, lol. Since I'm busy with parties and...
  4. AureliusMaximus

    OLD is rigged by the companies according to this video...

    Well just see this video (the sequence from were it starts 6.27 -->finish): I never really liked OLD apps and sites and never used them much as I like the personal IRL approach. Neitherless its quite interesting to get the confirmation most of us suspect....
  5. B

    From OLD to bed - Pandemic edition

    Hey bros. I'm new here. I have finished reading Rational Male like 2 weeks ago. This book changed they way I think. Now what left is to change my life. And this is the part where I want to ask for a advice. My plan is to start spinning plates. I created Tinder account (most popular OLD in my...
  6. resilient

    Thanksgiving Week - Prepare for Flaking from OLD/Social Media/Social Spheres

    What's up fellas? It's Thanksgiving week and I just now got a text from a tentative first date 5 hours before the date by and OLD chick. We had been conversing and interest seemed to be running well. I didn't over invest, yet played things up with the interests I have in the outdoors. That's...
  7. marmel75

    OLD kiss of death: "I want to get to know you better"

    If you ever get this response when you ask a woman of she wants to grab a drink, just don't bother. It sounds genuine but I can't remember a case where I ended up actually meeting them. Typically this signals 1 of 2 things: 1) She thinks you are attractive enough to get validation from for her...
  8. N

    Looking at OLD and seeing the same old..

    I don't think it's a good thing.. having broken up with my ex some 4-5 weeks ago and looking at POF it can't be good if you can still remember the same girls you saw 2 1/2 years ago on the site.. Maybe it's just me be reading the stuff they wrote now is a major turn off to me.. granted some of...
  9. resilient

    Exclusive? Not so fast (She's still on OLD)

    I've been back in the dating game this last year or so since I separated and became divorced from my ex-wife that I was with for nearly a decade. And in this last decade, OLD has become so huge. There are a myriad of endless dating site and app options. I never did the OLD thing until recently...