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Apr 22, 2017
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"He who waits, masturbates"

The goal is to make the target feel like the seducer than the seduced.

The Approach:

Side approach with a head turn and light smile works best - Appears aloof and non-threatening to minimise fight or flight response

Have an open dominant body language facing in another direction.

Speak in a slow monotone voice looking straight in the eyes.

Never open a girl from behind, still or walking


  1. "Jeez the lines in this place..." (Any place you are waiting in a line)
  2. "Hi, I couldn't help noticing your nails, are they real?"
  3. "Hey, let me guess, you are from _____"
  4. "I have the best pickup line ever. (Her: What?) Can you tell me if this smells like chloroform?
  5. "You don't look like you're from around here"
  6. "Damn it's too <weather> outside."
  7. "Do you know of another <venue you are at - gym/coffee shop/mall/club > around here?"
  8. "Are you guys twins? (2- sets) credit: Style

Negs work wonders on women with lots of orbiters and guys hitting on her, 9s and 10s or women with shields up.

  1. There's something stuck on your teeth
  2. Are you wearing a wig?
  3. Have some gum please?
  4. If you were a little bit <taller/funnier>, I'd have a crush on you
  5. Walk by casually and say "Sorry I'm taken"
  6. Was that you? (Anguish disinterested look)

Compliment her followed by mild criticism.

Negs should always be delivered with a playful vibe and never appear insulting.

If a woman approaches you, immediately resort to playful teasing and negs.

Groups - Befriend the leader first, usually a guy or a fat girl. Address comments to everyone, minimal attention to target, neg her slightly.

The Conversation:

Touch on emotions that turn her on, namely, jealousy, joy, fear, dread, anger, her own mind.

Think like a woman and play the courted.

Your entire frame of any relationship with a woman should be that she should be winning you after you showed initial interest.

Treat women the way women treat betas.

Never question her or yourself if she's attracted to you. Assume attraction at all points, while gauging her interest level.

Appear to have a fickle attention span while talking to her.

Never flirt explicitly.

Attraction is an emotional response, not a logical one.

Never brag. Never try too hard. Never show off.

Bragging or qualifying yourself comes off as a need to hide insecurities.

Flaunt your carelessness while giving an inhuman amount of attention to detail.

Jump off a conversation thread when it's dying.

A girl wants to know all of your insecurities so she can warn her friends not to waste their eggs on you.

If you aren't clicking with a girl, leave, don't waste your time which can be focused on more useful opportunities on other women and self improvement.

Keep plowing if a girl acts a bit offended by a neg.

The best negs compliment a girl while disqualifying her at the same time.

If you disqualify her and make it appear that she won you over, you are an expert seducer.

The greatest seductions are the ones where the seduced is tricked in believing to be the seducer.

Compliment and follow with mild criticism.

Almost always avoid talking about sex directly, use innuendos, teasing, kino, and a sexual body language. Maintain plausible deniability at all times.

When a girl tries talking about sex, flip and evade.

"Do you think I'm that easy?"

"You'll have to wine and dine me first"

"Sex is overrated"

The less you talk the better, your job is to steer the conversation to create attraction, display high value, your principals and qualify her.

The goal of the conversation is to make her want to talk and for her to want you to talk.

Always add false time constraints to your conversations especially during opening.

"I have to go in a minute"

"I gotta go join my friends in a minute"

This gives you a reason to eject if the set isn't going well, giving you plausible deniability.

After opening and creating attraction, force her to play the role of the pursuer.

Make her qualify herself for your attention.


"Are these your friends or did you pay them to hang out with you?"

"Tell me something interesting"

"Can you only cook scrambled eggs like all the other girls?"

"Tell me a joke"

"Do you have a good sense of humour?"

For a girl to meet you in the future, she should feel something 'special' between the both of you.

Delve deep into conversations to create an emotional connection.

Always allude towards your preselection during a conversation. Create the illusion of popularity.

Never overtly communicate about the women you've been with, read above.

Never brag. Never try hard. Never show off.

This candid masculine behaviour is something women exploit. Don't elaborate on anything, let them discover your secrets themselves.

Never stare at her chest while talking.

Maintain eye contact, it's extremely important and gives the illusion of love.

Use her name often even in full sentences, it creates and illusion of intimacy.

As you converse women will employ sh!t tests to test your alpha congruency. Passing them will lead to instant spikes in attraction and failing would lead to loss.

Common sh!t tests:

  1. Asking you to do a favour. Turn the conversation to make her do it for you instead, or the simplest one "No, that sounds too hard"
  2. When she incites jealousy, walk away with a smirk.
  3. Respond to her self deprecating remarks by agreeing and amplifying with a smirk.
  4. Never apologise when she's offended.
  5. Accusations of being a player. "Nah, I'm just trying to find true love"
  6. Number of girlfriends. "Nah I don't count them"
  7. "Am I beautiful/pretty/cute?" Maybe but you'll have to impress me with your personality first
  8. Talking about sex "You'll have to impress me a bit more before we talk about sex"

Understand the rule of investment. When you invest more time and energy into someone, you like them more.

If person A does something for person B, person A is more invested in person B not vice versa.

Compliance tests are the male version of **** tests to increase or confirm a girl's investment in you.

Ask her for subtle favours, if she complies, her mind will assume she's attracted to you due to cognitive dissonance.

Extrapolate when you find anything in common, women love the tinge of destiny.

Assume rapport, make it appear you are already connected.

Move her, change venues and bounce her to create the illusion that you know each other since a long time.

Don't be argumentative, just have the balls to argue, and cut the argument short.

Share vulnerabilities during comfort to cement it, don't be too eager, appear to hesitate. Be a man of several layers.

Compliment her by using 'interesting'. Let her hamster spin.

Initiate kino as soon as possible by touching her lightly shoulder or elbow. Hand holding is a great move.

Always create more comfort if you encounter resistance while escalating.

Go for the kiss, look at her in the eyes then her lips, note her reaction.

Escalation is one stop forward and two steps backwards.

Bounce her to someplace to the consummate with the sex, with plausible deniability. Don't overtly say we are having sex. It'll pull up her anti slut defence.

Keep escalating unless she shouts NO, or physically withdraws.

Maintain plausible deniability.

Seal the deal. Master the bold move.

Create more comfort after sex and cuddle for a only a bit.

Keep her wanting to seduce you, even when you are the one seducing her.
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