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  1. M

    Instagram, dating, unfollow

    I already know that most of you are not in favor of chats but I would like to ask you something For a couple of years when I've been flirting with a girl I don't know on instagram and she refuses an appointment or doesn't answer me, I unfollow her, it may seem like childish behavior but my...
  2. Aurora Demon

    Kaleidoscope Journey To Mastery.

    Kaleidoscope Journey To Mastery. Hopefully this is okay to post, every other forum I've been on this is okay. This is a journal for my quest towards Mastery of Seduction and my progress and field reports and such. I'm going to post a few old ones, and epiphanies. Copying and pasting the...
  3. R

    I can't pass the stage of the instagram exchange

    so to be short, I used to accost girls in the street, gym, everywhere I'm shy by nature, but I manage to approach and take the girls' instagram, except that once I have it, I don't know what to do anymore, I send messages normally, after two days on average, but except that I only receive views...
  4. B

    Going on a 2 week trip after first date, need some advice

    I went on a date with a girl I met on a dating app, it went well, k-closed and got confirmation that she wants a second date. Now I’m leaving on a two week trip and I won’t be able to go on another date till I get back. I’m wondering what’s the best way to play this. 1. Should I suggest we go...
  5. A

    Art of seduction?

    I have been trying to look in the bible about this but the links somehow to this articles are broken. I would like to know what is the best way I can convey my true intentions without saying it. I have a difficult time doing this with women lately. Maybe because I haven’t laid in a few months...
  6. C

    Looking for an intermediate/experienced wingman NYC

    To my fellow players, I’m moving to midtown Manhattan on September 1st and looking for a wingman to run both daygame and nightgame with. I’ve had some great successes in recent months and am looking for someone relatively experienced to keep the momentum. The ultimate goal is to create a...
  7. darksprezzatura


    "He who waits, masturbates" The goal is to make the target feel like the seducer than the seduced. The Approach: Side approach with a head turn and light smile works best - Appears aloof and non-threatening to minimise fight or flight response Have an open dominant body language facing in...
  8. darksprezzatura

    Best Book on Game.

    Greetings to all the experienced DJs out here. I've recently been unplugged. Read and reread the Book of Pook and internalised most of its concepts. Constantly approaching women, lifting weights, eating well, spinning plates. It's funny how they start spinning themselves. Life is...