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Contacted by ex with some major psych issues, need some advice



^Funny thing. Eastern comedy channel made fun of America recently, about breakthroughs and discoveries in mental health issues and now practically everyone one in United States has a personal psych he sees almost every month. Get this one, a lot of it is business of selling you a problem so you can spend money dealing with it.
Yep drugs. Billions wasted on bull$hit. It’s our drug culture.
“Oh, your life is a little too hard? Here take this one pill solves all $100.00 a piece tablet of happiness.”


Jan 14, 2018
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Fvcking companies always trying to milk something from gullible people.

Can't really blame them, it's just business.


Master Don Juan
Jun 18, 2018
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Just about two months ago I got dumped (realistically it was a 30 day ish relationship). Not so unexpected, seen some signs. Went NC immediately after.
Long story short, I got some traumatic responses at first after the breakup from myself, going into flight or fight for 48 hours straight, no sleep.
By I do not know what miracle, I found some stuff on BPD, started reading. Spent the last two months fixing the insides that got spilled.
Healing pretty good, had no idea that monsters are not just made up for exciting horror novels.

So yesterday I figured, time to put the fox in with the chickens and have a clean year. Last step was removing her from my social media. Figured she would not notice for weeks. Boy! I was wrong! She apparently was obsessing about me and I get a message within the hour.
The message was about; her accusing me of all things not remotely true (Why did we not talk about you being angry?).
Talked for a bit, me trying to be Odysseus with wax in ear. Deflected all the accusations, held that line.
I disarmed her pretty good... happy ending or so it would seem...

Thought about it till this morning, aw I should send her a message that if she wants to talk about something I`m willing, to talk.
She had an episode (rage?) where she blocked me yesterday and unblocked me in the span of 5 minutes, forgot to unblock the messages so I noticed (she confessed).
Somehow it feels like I got guilt tripped into breaking NC, having her on my social media and we agreed to talk (exactly the opposite that I wanted when I deleted her).
But I have seriously no idea about what she wants to talk about. Deadline is this Wednesday, for the talk or some time after it.

Is this an attempt for her to not get abandoned? Or some other weird thing that I can`t see?
Having a gut feeling that this is all bait, seeing if I go for it, then she can say "kidding" just before the stab to the gut.
Any advice?
You know what you need to do. Get away from her!


Master Don Juan
Dec 27, 2016
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Spokane, Wa
wtf happened to this thread );

dude i will say, these problems of bpd victim trauma, loss, heartbreak will require you to learn a whole different of life and living.

the only way is getting out of the matrix.
literally having to abandon and renounce everything you were taught in life. everything.

you must walk away from society and everyone you know as a whole, find yourself, become grounded and return if you wish.

the things and paradigms I've had to learn to free myself of being vulnerable to that satanic evil chit is impossible to explain u less youve experienced it.

alot of the things you have to learn won't be out there, theirs no guide or magic formula to being healed from this.

I've scoured and looked through countless resources was able to use discernment and critical thinking to peice together an understanding of reality better, if that makes since.

basically everything I've had to learn to solve the bpd problem are way to do controversial and backward to even explain, I know i healed myself but explaining what I've had to learn to others is nearly impossible and alot of the knowledge I have sounds absolutely insane.

I feel like a crazy insane idiot most if the time but i know what i know works because im actually feeling real happy in life again lol


Master Don Juan
Mar 30, 2016
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Thank you for your time and energy writing the replies. I have been doing cbt and got some books on it too in the last couple of weeks.
Right now I have this itch that I want to block her on social media, having it pretty bad, like every hour. This urge to delete its almost overpowering.
Blocked on all platforms where she can`t see the block only the one remains.

Yet, out of decency I think(that this person does not deserve) I am waiting till wednesday +1-2 to see whats what.
I am waiting because of myself, it is risky and dangerous (probably idiotic too). Probably this is making excuses.

Ever since the last episode of breaking NC, I had this strange feeling of letting go that was so hard before it is a lot more manageable now.
So maybe this is the main thing why I have the balls to see what the irrational texts will be.
I know that you can`t to sheit for a person who abuses people without ever being wrong themselves. Me spending time on a person who is borderline psychotic and has this almost unbelievable break with reality, is not smart at all.

This all reads like martyrdom, guys(me) you just can`t fvcking help cause they just wanna go in there and get fvcked again and again.

Thanks to everyone who replied and spent their time writing constructive advice!
You're just trying to rationalize your feelings. You're trying to justify holding on. Don't. You know she's not a positive impact on your life so just... let... go....

Break NC if you want, but only to tell her you think it's best for the both of you to move on with your lives. Then you block and delete her on everything and feel the sadness of your loss. Don't wallow in it, but process it. Then start to rebuild yourself and your life and become a man a decent woman will want to date. Don't keep anyone in your life who drags you down. Family, friends, bosses and especially women. Cut them out like a cancer without hesitation. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Make sure those people are lifting you up.


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