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relationship troubles

  1. reality250

    How can I keep this lifestyle simple, how do people game in open relationships?

    In the next months, I will be going out, to improve my communication skills and also to live a bit outside my open relationship... we still love each other, and she accepts I am still gaming for just fun. The main problem is, that I almost have NO sexual desires and can't follow up with the...
  2. MrPwr

    Another Sexless LTR - How to stay?

    G'day! I recently dropped a red, and it hit bloody hard. I have been in an LTR with a bird for 4+ years. For years I have, like a good little AFC, accepted her rejections for sex and her reasoning as fair and that her needs (though frustrating) came before mine, even being a good little worker...
  3. R

    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Hello to all, First time posting here so I will do my best to keep it short and to the point. A little bit of context first, i read through numerous threads posted here and after searching for answers on the web it is an absolute pleasure to see how many insightful people are giving advice...
  4. Blacksheep

    When you feel good, confident... women feel insecure. Is there any relation?

    Is there any relation about it? It feels like a woman only feel good with a man when he is miserable and low self-esteem (based on LTR). I can see this happening to me at this moment of my life and in my past experiences it was the same... I'm losing weight, taking care of my health, getting...
  5. Skyline

    How I got Gaslighted.

    Gaslighting. In my years of being here on SS, I've never actually seen this topic talked about. Which is probably why I got blind sided by it and it took up 3 years of my life. This was during a time that I was at my confident peak. So let's talk about the term Gaslighting. Gaslighting is a...
  6. corporate_sellout

    STR ended unpredictably

    She had a 5-year relationship and I also had a 4-month relationship right before. She frequently initiated all contact to meet. We were together all weekends and one day during the week. No fights, no you did that you did not send me you did not call.no needy behavior no clingy behavior, great...
  7. T

    Abandoning the ship too early?

    Is it time to leave, or am I abandoning the ship too early? I’m 28 years old. Met my girlfriend at a club three years ago. She is 7 years my senior. She was my only ****budy for four months and slowly developed into my oneitis. 18 months later our son was born. And three months after that we...
  8. casanova

    I messed up my relationship and reputation, NEED HELP FAST

    I was at a party, there was a girl from my class that I have the biggest crush on, you could say I'm in love and we hooked up and that was awesome, she told me she liked me back but we were quite drunk. We slept together, we DIDNT have sexual intercourse but we did make out and do oral things...
  9. casanova

    I like this girl and I'm in a state of sadness

    Gentlemen, I need your help. I'm better looking than an average guy, confident, and fit or "buff" and there is this girl a grade above me and I really like her. Let me take you guys through some history and make our relationship more clear. We are good friends and she is in love with my new...
  10. R

    Borderline Relationship

    Hello dear Friends i have been in a year long relationship with an undiagnosed Borderline (ex) Girlfriend.. We met through a friend and in the begin things moved very very fast, we had sex on the first night we met, and got closer very very fast.. i was very protective with my feelings...
  11. Starting

    Disrespectful behavior.

    Hello new member, seeking for answers. I've been dating this girl for about 9 months, we've been talking for almost a year now. To make things short, it began as a loving, affectionate relationship and then after the 5 month mark she slowly started disrespecting me, she has bad irritating...