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  1. A

    Having trouble and mental block from online texting and dming.

    As it says in the title, I am really bugged and troubled with online texting wehter be it messenger or ig or whatsapp. In real life, I am quite good and I have good game however when it comes to online stuff I am really bad with it and I usually never do it. One of the reasons is that I am quite...
  2. CollegeMan22

    Plate at college, now 3 hour drive away during the summer — what to do?

    I have a plate that I’ve been seeing for the past 2 months at my college, and the sex has been great. Seeing each other 3 times a week, spicy sexual dates, you know the deal. I’ve kept it non-exclusive and not committed to her, but she wants that and pushes for it. The text ratio her to me is...
  3. T

    Turning a shy girl into a plate ?

    I met a woman who has expressed significant interest in me, but she says she is very shy and seems intimidated by me, given my SMV. Any advice or thoughts on how to continue to move this along so I can turn her into a plate?
  4. CamCam

    Dropping plates/disengaging

    There is TONS of information about how to get girls, but I'm having trouble finding good strategy to getting rid of a girl. The way I figure, there is skill both in getting them, and in ending relationships with them. The end can, and often is, a volatile period. We want to minimize drama, or...
  5. F

    Am I Being Impatient?

    Hey guys, I had a plate I was seeing earlier this year reach out to me out of the blue last week. She had temporarily moved to florida for a few months: Girl: Hey, it’s xx. I’m so excited, I’m heading back to LA today! Me: Hey, that’s great! Let’s hang out once you are settled in. Her...
  6. WelcomeToEarth

    Approach to suspicion about plate screwing behind my back

    I’ve been seeing this girl for a couple of months; we go on at least a couple of dates a week and she normally sleeps over at my place (depends on her finding a babysitter). I rarely text her during the week and so far, she’s been doing 90% of the chasing. She's the one who often initiates...
  7. pyros

    girl starts seing other guys to make me jelaous

    I've been seing this 22 years old girl for around 7 months. A month ago or so I told her that I did not want a serious relationship with her so she got sad and upset...but after a week or a bit more she just got back to normal and we talked again and decided that we could still see each other as...
  8. kronreiff

    Keeping your cool and your word.

    Strange how things change with women. The plate I've been spinning for over 3 years (solid HB-8.5-9) has begun her sh!t testing the last couple of months. To add to it, I moved a few things to her house and was hanging out there more. Big mistake! It wasn't oneitis, since I know her so well...
  9. T

    Does Getting back with an Ex ever yield a positive relationship?

    So, my ex has finally started to cave from no contact. badly. She thinks she loves me and all this other stuff. Its clear to me this is dangerous territory. I simply dont think it will work out a second time around and have no plans wasting my time on a failed relationship. On the other hand...
  10. Berom

    When a plate wants more.

    I've completed reading "The Rational Male" and have just started "Preventative Medicine" within a matter of days. You could say I'm still "unplugging" myself from the matrix as it isn't easy for me to change a paradigm this quickly. The concept of spinning plates has really intrigued me...