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  1. Aurora Demon

    Aurora Demon's - Wealth & Success Journal.

    Aurora Demon's - Wealth & Success Journal. Just starting this for now. Came into a decent amount of money a few years ago accidentally, about $100,000. Long story. Trying to make enough passive income to live off of. I have a decent amount of money saved and have a lot of money I can...
  2. GoodOne123

    Engineering vs Finance?

    So I've been working as an engineer for a few years now. Still young and 26 years old. My salary is pretty average, but way less than people that work in investment banking or management consulting. If I stick to engineering I'll afford a decent standard of living, but not amazing. I regret...
  3. GoodOne123

    What have you achieved during lockdown?

    I'm curious what you guys have been up to. Here what I have done so far: Workout 4-5 days a week. 50 pullups and 50 pushups per workout minimum. I sometimes do handstand pushups instead of the regular ones. Made second instagram account based on my passion for music. I've been uploading often...
  4. GoodOne123

    Being a PT as a side-hustle?

    Im bringing up this topic due to the fact that having one job for the rest of your life is not the smartest move nowadays. It's especially relevant now, because many people have been made redundant from their jobs due to corona. I just wanted to ask your guys take on becoming a PT as a...
  5. R

    Lifestyle advice needed

    How do you guys manage working, saving money at the same time have hobbies, wear nice clothes, stay healthy and meet beautiful women? I’m just having a hard time doing it. What is your routine like on weekdays and weekends, a little inspiration needed.
  6. touma.akagi

    How does one date on a tight budget?

    Surprisingly, I've never seen anybody bring this topic up! I myself don't have a whole lot of money and I'd love to hear your thoughts
  7. devilkingx2

    How has learning game (whether red pill theory or PUA tactics or anything else) helped you?

    There's been a lot of anti-game hysteria here lately so i figured that it would be a great time to make a thread about the other side of the coin, So guys, lets talk about how game could've helped you in the past, or has actually helped you get a girl. Tell some stories of times when it wasn't...
  8. GoodOne123

    Do I have erectile dysfunction? Help

    So recently two events have suspected me into thinking I have ed. One was when I slept with a friend who is a girl. I was very drunk, so I did have whiskey diick, however it was still very hard for me to maintain an erection with her. Second event happened in the club, I was again completely...
  9. devilkingx2

    Be wary of what you're accidentally screening for in women with your actions/methods

    (TL;DR at the bottom) So lets look at our first important example: tenacity starts a thread about girls wanting money from him all the time and how it sucks, some would say "AWALT, they're looking to drain your resources and find out what you can do to serve their needs" others would say "the...
  10. pyros

    31 an still living with my mother

    Because of huge unemployent rate and bad luck among other things, I am 31, I still live with my mother, and I just have a little bit of money saved. In the last year I've landed an ok job which pays ok but it is been very difficult to progress in my career. The majority of my friends earn more...
  11. darksprezzatura

    Truths and Realisations

    "Dark, what do you mean by truths?" Truths which might sound distasteful to you. Truths which you've been running away and living your life as a lie. "But Dark, I am an alpha and I've had many girls. I get laid all the time. Check out my new model girlfriend. I know all these truths" Shh...
  12. pyros

    do you fvck hotter women when you're rich?

    For the guys here that are either rich or wealthy, I'd like to know if this fact allows you to fvck hotter women. I mean, I usually have sex with girls from 6 to 7, but I am pretty sure that if I had better clothes, better car, better house and in other words, if I was in a higher level...
  13. E

    Do you pay for first date

    There is rather firm consensus in community that you do not pay for drinks in the club. I agree with that. I am not sure whether you should pay for first date when you ask girl out e.g. to caffe or not.
  14. DiegoSantori

    Don't spend your money just because you have it.

    Don't spend your money just because you have it. That's stupid. If you trade time for money, your money shouldn't be for consumable frivolities. It's not for designer clothes, or iPhones, or a Mustang GT. Unnecessary excess on depreciating assets is a poor business decision. If you are...
  15. M

    Macallik's Professional Development Thread

    Time and Money. Two things that go hand in hand. I am at a point in my life where I believe that if I made more money, I could have more time to myself to pursue other goals in my life. Right now, most probable way for me to do that is by proving to my employer (or my next employer if necessary)...
  16. S

    Expat relationship dies slowly, blaming self yet can't find the cause.

    Thank you in advance for any advice you may offer. I'm in a dark place and am really in need of some straightening out. We met while we were both performers in China. We had immediate mutual high interest, and we found ourselves in a relationship fairly quickly, despite other opportunities I...