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girl behaviour

  1. U

    What does it mean when a girl says "Don't fall in love with me".?

    I met this girl online and i told her i just wanted to be friends with her....but she kept telling me not to fall in love with her? I never gave her anykind of hint....just told her as a friend to stay in touch...but it seemed to me that she thinks so highly of herself..Isn't that rude to keep...
  2. Von

    Spa Girl : The Massage Therapist

    So I went to my usual Spa.... Finish Bath, Therapeutic Bath, Osteophatique, Massage etc... In 10 years of been a client, it's the first time the Massage Therapist was ''talkative and sharing personal stuff''. It was my first time seeing her, new In short, it's not a brothel or a Massage Parlor...
  3. Von

    How to Handle Girls with Daddy Issues ? Girl with Daddy Issues Thread

    I bet we all know girls with Daddy Issues. Let's manage / control the situation if it arise The Dad might be ''gone'' (absent - uninterested - inactive - dead) or might be present and active. The Dad might be a strong father or a weak father.... the father might have anger issue / violent...
  4. corporate_sellout

    What women are really saying

    some classic female lines from personal experience: 'I think that the kind of relationship we have is ideal. They mean: do something because this is not working. 'I am not ready for a relationship'. They mean: I am not ready for a relationship with YOU and I am ready to date the new guy I met...
  5. I


    She knows I like her and has a “rebound” boyfriend according to her friends (I found out at a party and one of her friends specifically said that he was a rebound to make her ex jealous). They started going out two or so weeks after the break up. I then told her that I liked her but she didn’t...
  6. C

    Dating Troubles

    Hello Fellow Dons, Manly Men, and lady killahs, So I have a little problem on my hands. Well, let me start from the beginning. So I have been dating this girl for a couple months, we have gone on 4 dates and have hung out on numerous occasions, but last week when she told me she liked me I...
  7. I

    Can a girl be interested in a guy even if she ignores him?

    My crush knows I like her. I texted her saying that and that I'd like to stay friends as I thought I made her uncomfortable at the time because her (now ex) bf at the time made up rumours about me and said that she said it. She said she was really embarrassed by them and her ex went over the...